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A woman sat in her office at her desk wearing a VR headset.

Adding VR learning to your Moodle courses is easier than you think

Virtual Reality (VR) learning can be a powerful tool for engaging students and enhancing their learning experiences. It ...
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Hand reaching for VR headset and controllers

Harness the power of VR learning – five top use cases

VR or XR content can help create a more engaging experience for learners. Studies show that immersive learning ...
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Cartoon: Young children meet astronauts.

Vyond and Near-Life used to support pre-school education in Ukraine

Ukrainian education provider, Interokids, combines Vyond’s easy to use animation tool, with Near-Life’s interactive video authoring tool to ...
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Mike Todd, Near-Life CEO, speaking at Learning Technologies 2023

Near-Life 2.0 Launched at Learning Technologies Event

Near-Life launched the latest iteration of its interactive video and VR authoring tool at the Learning Technologies Conference ...
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Butterfly Identification – An interactive guide made with Canva and Near-Life

Team member, Ellie, explains how she used Near-Life and Canva to make a fun, interactive guide to butterfly ...
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Humanoid robot simulating thinking with hand on chin. Text: Script interactive, branching scenarios with AI.

Script interactive branching scenarios with AI

AI tools are everywhere. You can use them to write essays, create images, generate celebrity voices and more. ...
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“What should I cook tonight?” – An interactive guide made with Canva and Near-Life

Team member, Ellie, explains how she used Near-Life and Canva to make a fun, interactive guide to what ...
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Man with VR headset and arms reaching out. Text: VR Learning at Scale

How to deliver VR learning at scale – free seminar

Learning Technologies will play host to a seminar delivered by Mike Todd on 3 May 2023. 2023 sees ...
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View of desk surface with various items - Text: effective learning design FIVE TOP TIPS

Five top tips for effective learning design

Learning design is part science and part art. While there’s a lot to consider when trying to create ...
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A Gamified Chemistry Lesson made with Near-Life and Vyond

We're really pleased to share an interactive chemistry lesson for schools that has been made using Near-Life and ...
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Canva Easter title

Canva and Near-Life – How I made an interactive Easter Game 

Team member, Ellie, explains how she used Near-Life and Canva to make a fun, interactive Easter game, which ...
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Image of android VR goggles in a pool of pink water.

What is immersive learning and does it work?

Immersive learning: does it work? The short answer is yes. But before understanding why immersive learning works, it ...
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Social and Emotional Learning - Bullied child gets support from fellow student.

Five ways interactive video can support social and emotional learning

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a critical component of education, helping students develop essential skills such as ...
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Gamification: How to use Vyond and Near Life to create an interactive game

Ellie, a Near-Life team member, describes how she used Near-Life to create a fun, interactive game using VYOND's ...
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Abstract of man working on laptop displaying Spike Technology and Near-Life logos

Near-Life expands European presence with Spike Technology partnership

Near-Life has partnered with Spike Technology to represent the interactive video and VR authoring tool in the Netherlands ...
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Disheartened male learner at computer.

Getting feedback right in interactive learning scenarios

One of the bonuses of using interactive scenarios for learning is the ability to give learners immediate and ...
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Young boy learning chemistry using Augmented Reality goggles

VR, AR and XR in learning – what’s the difference?

Remember when there was just plain old R – reality? Well, no more. Today’s technology allows us to ...
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Laptop with webinar title on screen: How to create immersive learning that works

How to create immersive learning that works

Near-Life CEO, Mike Todd, will be talking at this year’s Instructional Design Tips and Exchange event: the free ...
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How I made my Pancake Day interactive video using Vyond and Near-Life

Team member Ellie explains how she used Vyond and Near-Life to make a fun, interactive game for Pancake ...
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EdTech 50 list for 2023 names Near-Life in top ten

Near-Life voted one of UK’s top ten most innovative EdTech companies

This year’s results are in. Business Cloud’s expert panel have looked at a longlist of the UK’s most ...
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Love Energy Savings sign at HQ

Love Energy Savings revamps learning and onboarding with Near-Life

How a business utilities company used Near-Life to create interactive learning and onboarding experiences. The energy industry can ...
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How I made Near-Life’s Valentine’s Day interactive video 2023

Team member, Ellie, explains how she used Near-Life to make a fun, interactive guide to picking the perfect ...
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Interactive learning delivers results for Thames Valley Fire Brigades

Interactive learning delivers results for Thames Valley Fire Brigades

A joint interactive video and immersive learning project, between the Thames Valley Fire and Rescue services, is delivering ...
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Happy team of diverse employees sat around a laptop enjoying the content

Three top learning design tips to make your content more engaging

You’ve got interesting learning content, full of information vital to the end user. It’s going to be invaluable ...
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EdTech 50 banner

Near-Life shortlisted as one of UK’s most innovative EdTech companies

The EdTech 50 2023 shortlist is out and we're excited to say that we're on it - again! ...
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Man about to put VR heaset over eyes

The XR learning challenge: how to deliver VR and AR training at scale…

Whether you talk about VR, XR or AR, the fact remains: the era of the metaverse is coming. ...
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Visually impaired man uses special mobile app to interact with smartphone

Accessible learning content

Why is accessible learning content important? We’ve all been well underway with projects, only to realise that we ...
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AI Robot sat and thinking - Why is EdTech important?

Why is EdTech important?

We asked ChatGPT why EdTech is important? This is what it had to say... Education technology, or edtech, ...
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The rise of immersive learning in 2023 - man in suit at work in office with VR headset

Will 2023 see the continued rise of immersive learning?

Immersive learning works. The research has proven that. The fact that it can increase knowledge retention up to ...
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Santa needs your help!

Interactive holiday game for 2022

Put together as a bit of festive fun…here’s a new, seasonal interactive game built using Near-Life CREATOR and ...
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Woman with VR Headset and hand controllers

Why immersive learning works

An in-depth look at how interactive video, VR, and gamification can transform your organisation Immersive learning is no ...
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Diverse design team working in front of computer

Interactive scenario design – 10 steps to success

Over the years we’ve helped several clients create interactive learning projects. As a result, we’ve perfected the interactive ...
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Christmas Guide Image

How I made Near-Life’s Christmas Present Guide 2022

Team member Ellie explains how she used Near-Life to make a fun, interactive quiz – a Christmas Movie ...
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180 video - Smiling woman wearing VR heaset.

180 vs 360 video – choosing the right VR content

What’s the difference between 180 video and 360 video? The answer is probably as straightforward as you’d expect. ...
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Immersive Learning Pioneers - Professional man working late on tablet

Near-Life recognised as immersive learning pioneers

The team at eLearningIndustry recognised CEO Mike Todd as one of its 'Immersive Learning Pioneers' for 2022.  eLearningIndustry ...
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Girl climbs tree, decides next branch to climb

Increase the impact of your learning content with branching scenarios

Chris takes a look at branching scenarios: what they are, why and when to use them and how ...
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LTI - universal integration tool

LTI – The universal integration tool you’ve been looking for

Learning Tools Interoperability, commonly known as LTI, is an education technology specification created by the IMS Global Learning ...
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Author's hand, holding pen and signing book

Interactive video interview used to promote book launch

A novel approach to a high-profile book launch Near-Life’s interactive video platform has been used to create an ...
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Healthcare Simulations - Student Nurses

Keeping it real – how interactive video and immersive learning support healthcare simulations 

Healthcare simulations are more effective and accessible through interactive video and VR When words on a page aren’t ...
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Near-Life new Moodle certified integration

Near-Life becomes Moodle certified integration partner

Near-Life is welcomed as Moodle's newest Certified Integration Partner Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, ...
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Two young adults play video games

Got game? 3 Killer Examples of Gamification in Learning

With global gaming industry revenues set to reach $320 billion by 2026, the rise in the use of ...
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Interactive video – what is it and how does it work?

What is an interactive video  An interactive video does what it says on the tin: it lets your ...
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how to make an interactive video - uploading media

How to make an interactive video – uploading media

Creating an interactive video with Near-Life CREATOR is easy. You can create an interactive video without any media ...
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Near-Life named one of Vyond's BEST elearning platforms for 2022

Vyond name Near-Life as one of their Top Ten learning platforms

Lead animation software Vyond have named Near-Life as one of their top ten global learning platforms for 2022-23. ...
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Woman enjoys VR experience

Can interactive VR enhance your learning?

Interactive VR in learning – the key to enhancing your training and education outcomes In a world where ...
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How to make an interactive video - slides and images

How to make an interactive video – slides and images as media

Creating an interactive video with Near-Life CREATOR is easy. You can create an interactive video without any media, ...
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University of Bolton digital nursing simulation - medicines administration

Interactive digital nursing simulations help inspire students

The University of Bolton (UoB) created a series of interactive digital nursing simulations as part of the holistic ...
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How to make an interactive video - subtitles

How to make an interactive video – adding subtitles

Creating an interactive video with Near-Life CREATOR is easy. In this tutorial, we’re going to take a closer look ...
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How to make an interactive video - scoring

How to make an interactive video – scoring

Creating an interactive video with Near-Life CREATOR is easy. In this tutorial, we’re going to take a closer look ...
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Gamification banner - video game style platform with glowing trophy

Gamification – it’s easier than you might think

Heard about gamification, but don't really know where to start? Then this is the article for you. Truth ...
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How to make an interactive video - default outcomes

How to make an interactive video – adding default outcomes

Creating an interactive video with Near-Life CREATOR is easy. In this tutorial, we’re going to take a closer look ...
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Residential building destroyed. Kyiv, 2022. By Алесь Усцінаў

Near-Life supports humanitarian response efforts in Ukraine

Working with Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Near-Life helped deliver a new, interactive learning project to support the humanitarian ...
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How to make an interactive video - getting started

How to make an interactive video – getting started

Creating an interactive video with Near-Life CREATOR is easy. In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how ...
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Scenario Settings - how to make interactive video

How to make an interactive video – scenario settings

Creating an interactive video with Near-Life CREATOR is easy. In this tutorial, we're going to take a closer ...
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Bolton Albert Halls

Near-Life CEO, Mike Todd, joins line-up for Regenerating Bolton’s Economy event

Near-Life CEO, Mike Todd, will explore how Bolton is helping to nurture the next generation of tech talent ...
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Young man enjoys elearning with interactive video

How interactive video scenarios can supercharge your learning

Interactive video throws the typical linear format out the window. Instead of pressing play and watching the video ...
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How to make an interactive video - overlays

How to make an interactive video – using overlays

Creating an interactive video with Near-Life CREATOR is easy. In this tutorial, we’re going to take a closer look ...
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My first interactive video how to guide image

How to make my first interactive video

My First Interactive Video Building your first scenario can be daunting, so we’ve put together this short example ...
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Behavioural change with Interactive Video

How interactive video can help encourage behaviour change

In this blog, team member Ellie explores what behaviour change is, why it’s important, and how immersive, interactive ...
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Challenges faced by the arts and creative sector

How interactive video is helping overcome challenges faced in the arts and creative sectors

In this article, we look at how interactive video can help organisations in the arts and creative sector ...
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Male employee leaves office with packed box

Using interactive surveys to support the offboarding process

In this blog, we show how interactive surveys made using Near-Life CREATOR might help improve your offboarding process ...
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Learning Technologies 2022 - packed house at Near-Life's immersive learning seminar

The rise of VR for learning – Learning Technologies 2022

Visiting Learning Technologies 2022 one thing stood out to us above all - the rise of VR for ...
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Conference image - join us at Stand P12 4-5 May 2022

Join Near-Life at Learning Technologies 2022

London UK | 4-5 May 2022 | ExCeL London Stand: P12 via GIPHY Learning Technologies 2022 - Europe's leading workplace ...
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Embed Near-Life interactive videos in Adobe Captivate courses

Embed Near-Life interactive videos in Adobe Captivate courses

Create and embed interactive video and VR learning experiences in your Adobe Captivate courses easily with Near-Life™ With ...
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A young employee disengaged and tired

GenZ joining the workforce and how to engage them

In this blog, team member Pru explores the differences between GenZ and Millennials and how GenZ are overcoming ...
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An overview of our VYOND webinar

How to make animated interactive videos – our webinar with Vyond

On the 30th of March, 2022, CEO Mike Todd held a webinar with VYOND - the animation software ...
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Graphic illustration of Sea Girl production

Introducing Sea Girl – a major new interactive online adventure that aims to inspire young girls

Near-Life is excited that our technology has been used to help create an amazing new interactive adventure - ...
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Near Life Featured Image

Using Vyond and Near-Life to make an animated interactive video quickly and easily

In this blog team member Ellie describes how she was able to use Vyond and Near-Life to make ...
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Businesses using interactive video

The business case for interactive video

 Interactive video has changed the way businesses manage their teams and audiences. In this blog, Pru explains why ...
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Woman using VR set for immersive learning

Could 2022 be the golden age of immersive learning?

With its real-life simulations and accessibility, immersive learning is a flexible way to engage learners and can increase ...
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Vyond webinar banner

Gamifying training videos with Near-Life – a free webinar with Vyond

Vyond are hosting a free webinar with Near-Life showing how to bring your videos to life using our ...
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The future of learning technology

Learning Technologies Digital Days: Challenge and change – L&D in 2022

In this blog, team member Pru covers what was discussed by Amanda Nolen and Donald H. Taylor on ...
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Gamified content

Gamification and learning: 5 ways to improve engagement and increase retention

For the last few years, gamification has been an emerging trend in learning. Is it fair to say ...
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Graphic image on how to create an interactive video

How you can use Near-Life to make an interactive video in 10 easy steps (in less than 10 minutes)

Team member Ellie explains how she used Near-Life to make an interactive video in 10 easy steps and ...
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A Business Team Holding An Interactive Video

How interactive videos can help businesses with training & development

Interactive video is a great way to keep an active relationship with employees within a business. With gamified ...
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Near-Life voted one of UK's top 50 EdTech companies 2022

Near-Life voted one of UK’s most innovative education technology creators for 2022

The results from EdTech Top 50 are out after 100 tech companies in the UK were shortlisted... Near-Life ...
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Illustration of feedback being exchanged like LTI

What is LTI and how can I use it?

Learning tools interoperability (LTI), changed how elearning tools are integrated into Learning Management Systems (LMSs), making the process ...
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Choosing right tool for you

Interactive video authoring – six key considerations for choosing the right tool for you

As video has slowly but surely taken over the world, people have been searching for new, innovative ways ...
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Hand holding an illuminous cube demonstrating how SCORM works

What is SCORM and how I can use it?

In this blog, team member Pru explains what SCORM is and what it means. This blog will also ...
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360 interactive video image

How to make a 360 interactive video

The Near-Life platform doesn’t just enable you to create interactive videos from normal videos files and graphics, it ...
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Two new features for 2022

New interactive video features for 2022

We’ve just released two new features to help you create even better interactive videos: jump to URL and ...
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Near-Life launches pioneering immersive learning project in partnership with Greater Manchester Police

Bolton-headquartered EdTech firm, Near-Life, has successfully launched a ground-breaking immersive learning programme for Greater Manchester Police (GMP) that ...
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The cycle of data analytics and audience behaviour through interactive video

Better engage your audience by using interaction data

Team member Pru explains some powerful functionality that comes with Near-Life beyond just making amazing interactive content. The ...
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Interactive video for marketing agencies image

Interactive video for marketing agencies – a new business opportunity

In this article, we explain how interactive video can be an incredibly powerful opportunity for marketing agencies and ...
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Image for Christmas Quiz NL Blog

Making an interactive quiz with Near-Life – using Inventory and Scoring

Team member Ellie explains how she used Near-Life to make a fun, interactive quiz - a Christmas Movie ...
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Nodes Featured Image

How to use nodes to take your interactive videos to the next level

I think one of the most exciting things about Near-Life is all the ways you can use the ...
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Making the right choice with IV

How interactive video can help people make the right choice or get the right information 

In this post, team member Ellie explains how interactive video can be a great tool for helping members ...
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Elearning Authoring Tools image

Elearning authoring tools – interactive video 

What are elearning authoring tools? Elearning authoring tools are platforms that allow users to create educational digital content. Businesses ...
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A 360 view of the Near-Life stand at DevLearn 2021

Our top five takeaways from DevLearn 2021

After some eighteen months, it was great for the Near-Life team to be at DevLearn last month and ...
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Introducing CREATOR+ the latest version of Near-Life CREATOR offers advanced game-based authoring capabilities.

Introducing advanced game authoring with CREATOR+

Near-Life™ has launched the latest version of its content authoring tool: CREATOR+. The new authoring package offers advanced ...
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Make trackable and interactive presentations with Near-Life CREATOR

Create trackable, interactive presentations with Near-Life CREATOR

How do you know whether that presentation you spent ages putting together and shared was actually opened and ...
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Create Interactive Quizzes with Near-Life CREATOR

Make interactive quizzes that are more engaging and trackable with Near-Life CREATOR

In this post, Marcus shows how interactive quizzes can help you add value and quantify benefits  OK, so ...
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Making an interactive video featured image

Creating interactive video for beginners – how I made ‘Should I say ‘Hi’?’

Making interactive video with the Near-Life platform is really easy. In this article, recent addition to the Near-Life ...
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How to embed Near-Life interactive video responsively on your WordPress website

Embed a responsive interactive video into WordPress

If you have a WordPress website or any platform where you can enter HTML code, you can embed ...
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Near-Life launches Near-Life CREATOR+ at DevLearn in Las Vegas

Near-life™ will launch a powerful content authoring tool, Near-life™ CREATOR+, at this year’s DevLearn In Las Vegas The ...
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3 Cloud Based Platforms

Create interactive content: 3 cloud-based platforms I use

Team member Ellie describes how she uses three popular cloud platforms - Canva, Vyond and WeVideo - to ...
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Join our team

We’re looking for a marketing and content assistant

We are seeking a Marketing and Content Assistant to support aspects of our marketing and learning content activity.  ...
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Some exciting changes are coming soon

Near-Life CREATOR is getting (even) better…

Over the past six months, we've been working hard to improve Near-Life CREATOR and we're happy to say ...
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Immersive content and interactive video graphic

Immersive content – what it is and how Near-Life makes it possible

Immersive content is a relatively new but hugely powerful way of engaging your audience. Thanks to Near-Life, this ...
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What is interactive video? A quick introduction

What is interactive video?

Interactive video, at its most basic, is video that you can interact with. Video is already well established ...
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What is gamification and how do I create gamified content?

What is gamification? Gamification is the application of game-like elements to your content. Whether that be for learning, ...
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Interactive video: Dragon's Lair

Choosing your own adventure: interactive video and the Near-Life™ story

Mike Todd is the CEO and co-founder of Near-Life™. In this article, he explains why he wanted to ...
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6 Tips for Creating Effective Training Videos

6 Tips for Creating Effective Training Videos

It’s easy to see the value of video for training, but sometimes, it isn’t as easy to get ...
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Woman creating a Canva project on laptop

How to use Canva to create interactive presentations

Creating presentations with Canva is effortless. Now you can easily make them interactive with Near-Life™ CREATOR. The benefits ...
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Embed scenarios with Articulate Storyline 360

Embed scenarios with Articulate Storyline 360

Create engaging courses with Near-Life™ and Articulate Storyline 360 Near-Life™ is the first interactive video and VR authoring ...
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Introducing: Hotspot shapes

Introducing: Hotspot shapes

Draw, drag and set hotspots with our new feature for Near-Life™ CREATOR and CREATOR VR. At Near-Life™ we ...
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Male wearing VR headset pointing into the air

Successfully scale your VR learning strategy

Introducing new learning methods, tracking their success and scaling them for wider use can be challenging. Incorporating the ...
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Game2Change logo

Near-Life™ partner with Game2Change

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with leading South African gamification consultancy Game2Change. Game2Change have been ...
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Animated corporate people standing on a laptop welcoming

How interactive video can improve your onboarding experience

A memorable and positive recruitment and onboarding experience is crucial to creating that all-important first impression. It doesn’t ...
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Person working on laptop with lots of data

3 reasons Why data is key for your learning strategy

Data is crucial to the success of your learning strategy. When it comes to developing or updating your ...
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Male in VR headset for immersive learning

The financial benefits of immersive learning

Training and development are crucial to the success of any organisation. So, when it comes to investing in ...
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Woman working in a cafe on a laptop

Convert your PowerPoint into interactive scenarios

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your PowerPoint slides for online learning? Well, it doesn’t ...
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Woman enjoying learning remotely

Introducing: Subtitles

Subtitles make your content more accessible than ever before. At Near-Life™ we always want to improve the way ...
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The big debate – how do you spell elearning?

The elearning sector is growing rapidly, yet the more it grows, the more variations of spelling people use. ...
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Woman with VR headset at home

Why VR tech is key to remote learning and talent development

Just because you’re learning or working remotely doesn’t mean you should miss out on the immersive experience you ...
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Male learning on a laptop

Effective online learning | Near-Life™ top tips

Its been a whole year since the UK was put into lockdown. Our favourite places closed, employees were ...
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‘Frontline Humanitarian Toolbox’: How virtual reality films could serve a philanthropic purpose

Quite simply, what is interactive film? For some, it’s a gaming experience, as evidenced by the 1980s Laserdisc ...
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Man in virtual reality headset at office

The future for interactive video learning

By next year, it’s predicted that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be online videos. So, it’s ...
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Team planning with cogs and gears to understand how ideas fit together

How to get more from your branching videos

Branching videos put your user in the driving seat and let them steer through your content in their ...
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Man outdoors making the decision between two walking paths.

Branching scenarios: What, why, how?

Branching scenarios elevate your learning for better engagement and retention. It’s time to put learners in control and ...
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Daughter and father learning on laptop from home

How has Covid-19 influenced online learning?

Covid-19 - a watershed for the online learning industry. The entire world of training and education was forced ...
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Laptop in home office with multi exposure to represent immersive technology

How immersive technology will change learning and development forever

Interactive learning is an incredibly effective training method. It leads to higher knowledge retention than conventional classroom training ...
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woman with VR goggles learning from home

VR is set to transform training and education in 2021

The year 2020 will be remembered for many things: coronavirus, Brexit, Biden… and the start of a true ...
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Male using VR headset

Elearning trends and predictions for 2021

2020 was the year that changed pretty much everything. And elearning is no different. As the majority of ...
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Near-Life VR course for emergency medical teams

Near-Life™ launches VR emergency response training

We're excited to announce that we've launched a new VR authoring tool to deliver realistic scenarios with a ...
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Police in a crowd, with text: Innovate UK funding, police training, Near-Life

Near-Life™ receives Innovate UK funding for immersive police training

We have recently received a £240,000 cash boost from Innovate UK to super-charge our immersive police training software ...
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Montage of video play screens with finger interacting on tablet

How to create an interactive scenario

Our six-step guide to creating an interactive scenario Creating a compelling and engaging interactive scenario is easy when ...
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Emergency medical teams still from Near-Life World Health Organisation VR Security training trailer

Near-Life™ to launch new VR course developed with World Health Organization

At Near-Life™ one of our goals is to make learning more accessible, and feasible. So to build on ...
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Woman learning remotely in cafe

Three reasons microlearning should be in your remote learning strategy

Microlearning: The boost your learning strategy needs. Microlearning isn’t new to the elearning industry. However, it’s here to ...
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Woman enjoying learning remotely

Corporate learning in a post COVID-19 world

Learning and development was unexpectedly disrupted this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For many of us, remote ...
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Four office workers hold pieces of a puzzle

Near-Life™ scenario integration with Moodle

In the world of EdTech the range of tools available is growing rapidly. Although EdTech was on the ...
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Learner working on laptop doing a healthcare simulation with multiple choice

Effective healthcare simulations for a digital world

For those training to work in various healthcare roles, clinical practice is a key aspect of the learning ...
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Student remote learning on tablet in the kitchen

Remote learning: How to keep university students engaged

As Covid-19 has taken over the year of 2020, education has had to balance between distance learning, online ...
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Introducing: Teams

The current crisis has changed the learning and development industry overnight. Working and learning remotely has become the ...
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Elearning gear cogs connected diagram virtual dashboard

Why should you make data your most used tool?

Updating your learning content is something you should be doing regularly. But how can data help you to ...
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Mother and baby working on laptop from home

Online learning design for lockdown

Many businesses have been forced to work remotely, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Any learning you had planned is ...
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Stethoscope lying on keyboard

From mundane to stimulating: how to transform your healthcare training

Aside from practical work, healthcare training can be mundane and unappealing in a classroom. Now that we’re in ...
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Business team work together to build an idea.

3 things you should do before building your elearning course

Building an elearning course can be difficult for those who aren’t experienced. There are many aspects to consider ...
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Design your own interactive learning videos with Near-Life CREATOR authoring tool

Our top 3 authoring tools

We've rounded up our top 3 authoring tools to get you on your way to creating your own ...
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Online learning through different resources and technologies


In our constantly evolving world, learning is happening in more places that aren’t the classroom. Elearning has become ...
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Business mean breaking brick wall

Remote working – how can we break the barriers?

The world has come to a standstill. We’re working from home and practising social distancing as COVID-19 takes ...
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Disaster response team searching amongst rubble

Supporting disaster response with immersive learning

When it comes to responding to disasters, natural or man-made, preparation is key. Disaster response can be complex, ...
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InnovateUK grant for Near-Life VR learning project

Near-Life VR learning project gets Innovate UK funding

We have been awarded a prestigious Innovate UK grant to deliver an interactive VR learning project to support ...
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Children learning through experimentation

Experiential learning in a digital world

Experiential learning is what we do as humans. It happens for most of us in some form nearly ...
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We are hiring - Position Filled

We’re Hiring! Senior JavaScript Developer

We are seeking a Senior JavaScript Developer with a passion for technology and interest in helping improve the ...
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Near-Life™ Client Journey Elearning

Near-Life™ client journey

At Near-Life™, we have award-winning producers and directors to create bespoke learning materials for your organisation. Near-Life™ forefront ...
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Team of professionals in a line facing wall with storyboard concept

Storyboard your way to success!

Storyboarding is such an important step when creating your learning course. It ensures that you have an end ...
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Millennials in the workplace, how do we engage them?

Millennials, those that have grown up in a digital environment. Millennials have always been connected to the world ...
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Learning analytics - a crucial tool for your L&D strategy

Why are analytics crucial to your learning & development strategy?

Why is this one tool crucial to your organisation? Learning analytics - one of the most crucial aspects ...
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Lancashire NHS foundation trust restraint team carrying out restrictive restraint for mental health

Reducing the use of physical restraint in mental healthcare

Mental health - the once taboo topic that turned viral, and is now unstoppable. As well as professionals ...
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Asda health and safety interactive video

Health and safety training gets a digital makeover

‘Health and safety training’ - the four words that can make any employee feel a sense of dread. ...
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Vacancy – Business Development Manager

Based in Bolton, Greater Manchester Salary - £30k OTE - £65k+ We are an award-winning EdTech company with ...
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The UK’s mission to reduce violence in mental health care: What can be done?

Over the last decade, mental health has gone from being a topic of non-discussion to the word on ...
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An Employee Engagement Guide

Employee engagement: A Near-Life™ guide on how to improve it

With learning and development changing so fast, it’s crucial that we recognise that employee engagement should be the ...
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How can immersive learning transform your training

Immersive learning: how can it transform your training?

Learning and development can be quite a monotonous task these days, but how can we transform it to ...
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Gamification for Corporate Training

Can gamification elevate your corporate training strategy?

Gamification - an elearning trend which took the industry by storm over the past couple of years. So, ...
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Interactive Video for Elearning

How can interactive video elevate your elearning strategy?

Videos are continuing to prove that they improve learning, but why are interactive videos more beneficial to your ...
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Elearning Trends 2019

Elearning trends – 2019

2019... the year elearning continues to grow like never before. 2019, so far, has seen elearning getting bigger ...
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Humanitarian aid worker learning at desk

The changing face of humanitarian learning

For many years, those that work in international development based in remote areas have often struggled to access ...
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We are Near-Life™

Digital Training Solutions Ltd is now trading as Near-Life™. Near-Life™ has always been the name of our software, ...
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Healthcare rewired

As technology evolves, we have changed the way we communicate, learn, work and live. Healthcare practice is empowering ...
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Successful role-play for online learning

Role-play is something we see children doing everyday, playing and testing the roles they dream to become one ...
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Near-Life™ receives investor backing

Support for our Near-Life™ technology We're excited to announce that we have received an investment from NPIF, Maven ...
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Can elearning replace the classroom?

A recent article said that automation is due to threaten 800m jobs worldwide. Robots and AI are on ...
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Decision-based learning – insights into our choices

We make decisions everyday, but how do we learn to make the right choice? From what you want ...
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The value of storytelling in gamification

Just how important is storytelling in elearning? We recently carried out a poll to ask which feature was ...
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NGO courses launched on Resilience Academy

NGO courses developed as part of USAID and DFID funded project This week we launched international, immersive NGO ...
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5 killer examples of immersive learning online

With employee’s today having a bigger focus on learning and development, there needs to be a more exciting ...
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2019 Learning Technologies conference report

Last month we were at the Learning Technologies conference, Europe's most important event for learning and development professionals.  Learning ...
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Interactive video: a new way to teach soft skills

Employees today have such high workloads and busy schedules that sometimes taking time out to train isn’t top ...
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Interactive video infographic – supporting experiential learning

Interactive video infographic - a solution for bland elearning Interactive video is emerging as a solution to overcome ...
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How to use gamification in 2019 : what works and what doesn’t?

Using gamification in 2019 – everything you need to know Gamification was set to take the world by ...
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Health and safety training goes digital and interactive

Case Study - ASDA Health and Safety training can often be a dry and uninspiring experience. Learners are ...
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Learning Technologies Award 2018 for Frontline Humanitarian Toolbox

Digital Training Solutions has won a Learning Technologies award for EXCELLENCE IN THE DESIGN OF LEARNING CONTENT: PUBLIC ...
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We are hiring - Position Filled

We’re Hiring! Marketing and Content Assistant

We are looking for a Marketing and Content Assistant to join our growing organisation. Your role will be ...
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Gamification approach supports dispatcher decision making

NHS England announced last year its recommendations for changes to the ambulance service operating model and associated standards, ...
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Immersive Technologies: Transforming Training and Learning

With a global market predicted to be worth in excess of £100 billion, immersive technologies are set to ...
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2018 Learning Technologies Awards Shortlist

Another award shortlist for Frontline Humanitarian Toolbox (FHT). This time for the prestigious Learning Technologies Awards. The Learning Technologies ...
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Case Study: International Alert

Building Safe Teams at International Alert NGO extends Hostile Environment Training to staff with Resilience Academy International Alert ...
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G-Cloud 10 Supplier Status for DTS

DTS is now a cloud-based software supplier to the G-Cloud 10 framework on the Digital Marketplace. The framework, ...
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Revolutionsing role-play training with interactive video

Learning and development professionals who recognise the value of role-play training are turning their sights towards interactive video. ...
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DTS shortlisted for Big Chip Awards 2018

DTS's Frontline Humanitarian Toolbox has been shortlisted for the Big Chip Awards 2018 in two categories: Best Tech ...
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Hospitality Sector Training and Gamification

Using Gamification in Hospitality Sector Training Gamification in hospitality sector training can help overcome the challenges that the ...
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Hostile environment awareness training – natural disasters

Hostile environment awareness training: when natural disasters occur With 2017 on track to be a record-setting year for natural ...
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New immersive elearning platform for aid workers in Syria

Frontline Humanitarian Toolbox (FHT)  is the latest interactive, online training platform from Near-Life™. Designed in partnership with the ...
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Hostile environment training online

HostileWorld is an interactive training platform that delivers hostile environment training online for aid workers, journalists, contractors and ...
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DTS launches HostileWorld

This week sees the launch of HostileWorld; a new interactive training platform that uses Near-Life™ technology to revolutionise ...
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Remote Security Management now in Arabic

The Remote Security Management course on Mission Ready is now available in Arabic. The course introduces learners to ...
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New Remote Security Management course on Mission Ready

DTS and partners RedR have launched a new course on the Mission Ready platform: Remote Security Management. Remote ...
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Big Chip Awards 2016 Shortlist

Digital Training Solutions has been shortlisted for the Big Chip Awards 2016 with its innovative learning platform, Mission ...
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Introducing Academy925

Immersive learning platform set to revolutionise corporate training Digital Training Solutions and Josie Hastings Associates have launched a ...
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8 tips to improve employee engagement

Improving Employee Engagement - 8 Simple Tips Employee engagement is seen as an internal state of being- physical, mental ...
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Interactive Video and the Changing Face of Training

In 1923 radio was first introduced as an educational tool. It was a landmark step in using new ...
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DTS launches flagship interactive platform: Mission Ready

Working alongside disaster relief NGO, RedR UK, DTS has launched online learning platform Mission Ready for the international humanitarian sector. The ...
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