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Can I cancel my subscription?

Near-Life CREATOR subscriptions are available on an annual basis with payment made in advance. If you stop your subscription during the period you’ve paid for, your access to the authoring tool will simply end when that period finishes. If you’re considering cancelling, we’d love to learn why and find out what we can do better. Please contact us at

Do I have a limited amount of learners?

You don’t have a limited amount of learners, however there are some monthly limits on the amount of plays depending on your account type. For the Standard account you have up to a 2,000 monthly plays, rising to 20,000 at Enterprise level. A bespoke agreement can be reached if usage would exceed the standard account limits.

Do I have to produce my own content to use the authoring tool?

Near-Life™ CREATOR requires media files for you to complete your scenarios. You will need your own content. Depending on the scale and complexity of the project, you may wish to commission production or design experts to help. Near-Life™ also teams up with partners around the world to support content production.

Do I need my own LMS to use the authoring tool?

Near-Life™ CREATOR has made it easy for you to integrate your content with an existing LMS. If you would like the complete solution from us, you can choose our award-winning LMS, which integrates seamlessly with Near-Life™ CREATOR. For more info, contact

Do I need to download any software to use Near-Life™ CREATOR?

No, our software is all cloud-based. You can access it anywhere, and don’t need to download or update any of the software – you will always have the most up-to-date version.

Does Near-Life™ CREATOR work with my existing LMS?

Yes, we’ve made it easy to share content with an existing LMS, or to embed into any website. Near-Life™ CREATOR generates an iframe, SCORM and xAPI code for easy publishing across virtually any platform. LTI integration is also possible.

How do I share my content with learners?

With Near-Life™ CREATOR it’s easy to share your content. You can share via a SCORM or xAPI embed code, or embed and share from any website like you would with any other video content. Our Enterprise package allows you to download your finished content so that you can use your scenario offline.

Is Near-Life™ CREATOR an elearning authoring tool?

Near-Life™ CREATOR is an elearning authoring tool. It helps you to create interactive, immersive and engaging content for your learners.

Is there a limit on how many projects I can create?

No, we don’t have a limit on the amount of projects you can create.

What are the pricing options?

Near-Life™ offers a range of subscription packages to suit your needs. For more information on pricing, visit our pricing page.

What do you mean by interactive video?

Interactive videos make the learner an active participant. The Near-Life CREATOR authoring tool makes creating interactive scenarios easier. With an intuitive canvas, drag and drop features, and interactive options, like hotspots, learning designers can use Near-Life CREATOR to create truly interactive learning. Learners make choices that determine how the narrative unfolds and are rewarded for good choices. The more engaged and in control the learner is, the higher the retention levels are.

What is an elearning authoring tool?

An authoring tool is software that’s used to make interactive digital content creation easier. Typically, authoring tools allow you to create multimedia content that can be shared across the web.

Who is the authoring tool for?

Near-Life™ CREATOR is for those in Learning and Development Teams, Learning and Design Managers, Learning and Development Consultants, Training Providers, Video Production Companies, Digital Content Creators and Education Providers. Anyone who is actively involved in producing online learning content will find the tool useful.

Why should I be using an authoring tool?

Authoring tools make interactive content creation easier, without very much technical knowledge needed. In addition, authoring tools make it easy for you to share, embed and integrate your content.

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