Interactive learning delivers results for Thames Valley Fire Brigades

Interactive learning delivers results for Thames Valley Fire Brigades

Interactive learning delivers results for Thames Valley Fire Brigades

A joint interactive video and immersive learning project, between the Thames Valley Fire and Rescue services, is delivering innovation in emergency services training.  

The partners, which included teams from Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire in the UK, have used Near-Life’s interactive video and VR authoring tool, combined with animation authoring tool Vyond, to create interactive training around the use of specialist equipment. 

Setting out to create content that was more engaging and immersive for learners, the team’s combined use of Vyond and Near-Life, allowed them to create a comprehensive exercise that provides an interactive experience for learners. 

Stuart Smith, a training resources officer with Oxfordshire, explains how the content authoring tools helped support their learning objectives:

“Near-Life’s interactive video and VR authoring tool makes it quick and easy to create interactive and immersive learning. By combining this interactive content design with media created in Vyond, along with our own designs and images, we were able to produce a very comprehensive digital learning experience that teaches critical skills around the use of breathing apparatus. The interactive content we’ve produced with Near-Life helps us do that in an efficient and scalable way.”

Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley teams have a number of interactive projects planned for the future as they embrace the potential that immersive content authoring offers.

Near-Life CEO Mike Todd added:

“We’re lucky to have been able to support a number of agencies from the Emergency Responder space both in the UK and internationally – from ambulance services, through to fire and rescue organisations and the police. We genuinely believe it’s one of the best use cases for our interactive learning tool and are proud to be able to support this critical work.”

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