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Interactive video for learning

It’s what we do.

We have developed cutting edge interactive video learning technology to bring a gaming approach to training. We create bespoke courses, work in partnership with existing training providers and offer Near-Life™ as an elearning video solution for content creators.

Our unique elearning content development platform, brings experiential learning online and gives learners realistic, scenario-based, role-play training while tracking their interactions to provide performance feedback and monitor progress.

If you want to reduce your overall training costs while increasing engagement and knowledge retention, without compromising on engagement or quality, REQUEST A FREE DEMO of one our interactive elearning videos or GET IN TOUCH.

Our Work

  • Resilience Academy is an interactive video training platform that uses Near-Life™ technology to deliver an...

  • Last year, NHS England announced its recommendations for changes to the ambulance service operating model...

  • An interactive training project to help introduce new health and safety procedures at Asda.

  • Frontline Humanitarian Toolbox (FHT) is an online learning platform for Syrian aid workers. It was...

Interactive video learning puts the viewer in control, transporting users into realistic, first-person experiences and allowing them to make real-time decisions. Sometimes referred to as experiential or immersive learning, interactive learning videos improve engagement and knowledge retention by gamifying a viewer’s learning experience and tailoring the scenarios to match the brand values or policies of the business.

Thanks to our intelligent reporting system, learners have the ability to monitor their progress and receive feedback on their choices inside the elearning video platform. This enables users to review their decisions and understand why their answers meet or do not meet the business’ requirements, whilst offering managers the ability to analyse organisational performance and identify trends.

"400,000 people every year learn to save a life through our training programmes, so it is exciting to have created this scenario-based learning with the potential to reach many more people in an effective online format."
Karen Wain, Training Products Manager at St John Ambulance

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