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How to make an interactive video – scoring

How to make an interactive video - scoring

Creating an interactive video with Near-Life CREATOR is easy. In this tutorial, we’re going to take a closer look at scoring. Use scoring to add points to decisions and set an overall pass score for your interactive scenario. Scoring is useful for gamified and learning content, where points matter.


CREATOR allows you to set a pass score for your scenario and give certain choices within the scenario greater weight. For example, you might have two choices that are both correct, but one is better, so you give it more points. 

To use scoring

  1. Go to the Scenario Settings page and tick the Use scoring box 
  2. Next, set your minimum pass score – NOTE: scores in CREATOR are cumulative, this means you earn or lose points for every decision the end user makes. Your pass score should be the minimum points required to secure a pass.
  3. When you set a pass score, the end user’s result is shown at the end of scenario report along with a Pass or Fail notice.  
  4. Save

You can add a score to every Overlay you create.

  1. Go to the Canvas and open the Node Editor
  2. Select the Overlay that you want to add a score to
  3. Then scroll down to the Overlay properties
  4. Tick the score box here and enter a score – NOTE: You can add any number up to a maximum of 100. You can also use negative numbers – this will subtract points from the end user’s score. If you tick score, you must enter a valid number.
  5. Save

You can turn scoring on or off at any point, simply go to the Scenario Settings page and tick or untick the Use scoring box and save. 

If you’ve already published your Scenario, you’ll need to go back to the Canvas and click the Republish button to update the live scenario.



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