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Near-Life™ Client Journey Elearning

At Near-Life™, we have award-winning producers and directors to create bespoke learning materials for your organisation.

Near-Life™ forefront of creating immersive learning content – delivering a learning experience like no other.

Our clear step-by-step process enables us to turn your ideas into a fully fledged video production for your elearning content. With film makers and expert storytellers on board, we have the skills to make your content engaging, relevant and most importantly, authentic.

We work alongside you to lay out learning objectives, goals, interactivity and realistic scenarios, to fully engage with your learners. With your expertise, we will carefully map out branching scenarios. These scenarios will be designed specifically to impact further on your interactive videos.

The process we take to do this is:

Near-Life creative process - identifying objectives, designing the learning experience, building your interactive video, provide supporting content Identify learning objectives

Firstly, we would meet with you to collaborate on mapping out the learning. Working as a close team, we would help you to define individual learning objectives as well as the overall goals for your course. Additionally, we will take the time to understand the culture of your organisation. This will allow us to identify key learning areas that you want your learners to understand.

Design the learning experience

Our creative team are experts in storytelling, film and game design. We will create branching game diagrams from decision points and outcomes, which we will complete for you. These points build the basic of the script for each scenario. We will then go ahead and film and edit, so that everything falls in line with the script and design. Our expertise gives us the skills needed to make your learning experience unique, authentic, relevant and engaging.

Build you interactive learning video

We will ensure your learning objectives outlined will be matched with realistic and relevant environments. Doing this will allow learners to practice behaviours and actions in situations that may arise in the real world, before they happen. Our approach to this provides a game-like experience for learners. This type of learning can lead to higher engagement and retention of information.

Provide supporting content

As well as delivering your gamified learning course, we can also provide you with supplementary resources like documentaries, questionnaires, quizzes and podcasts. All of these resources will work to increase engagement and improve knowledge retention. Our bespoke content allows you to take on a blended learning approach, to enhance learning.

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