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Its been a whole year since the UK was put into lockdown. Our favourite places closed, employees were furloughed and there was a surge in online learning.

But one year on has online learning truly been disruptive or has it remained static? Here are our top tips to ensure your online classrooms produce better results with engaging content that improves knowledge retention:

Let’s get interactive

Remote learning environments can become quite distracting, especially if your current content is static. To mimic what used to be your classroom learning, add in some interactions. A few simple interactions can re-purpose your content to make it more meaningful and engaging for your end-users without compromising the end goal. With the rise in digital needs, there are lots of tools available to support you in creating interactive content, like our own – Near-Life™ CREATOR.

Refresh traditional methods

Creating disruptive content doesn’t mean that you need new content. The tools available allow you to use existing content such as presentations, images, written content and video. Save time and make use of what you already have, you’ll be thankful for it later! Using the same content in a different way will provide handy data to understand how your end-users engage and retain knowledge best.

Small but mighty

Learning online doesn’t have to be complicated, keeping it simple will maximise engagement. New information can be hard to digest, but learning in a new way can also take some getting used to. Keep your content in small bite-sized chunks with key pieces of information to understand and reflect on.

“Giving students a long content at once leads to very little interaction between information and the learner. Micro-learning offers students the opportunity to more easily absorb and retain the information”

Simple yet effective

Try not to get consumed by technology and its mass capabilities. Using what you have with a few changes that increase engagement can be powerful enough. Small interactions boost engagement by involving your end-users more than before. Plus they’ll provide you with valuable data for the future.

It’s all about creating an experience and making your end-users active participants so that the content becomes more memorable.

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