Embed Near-Life interactive videos in Adobe Captivate courses

Embed Near-Life interactive videos in Adobe Captivate courses

Create and embed interactive video and VR learning experiences in your Adobe Captivate courses easily with Near-Life™

With Near-Life CREATOR, you can make a simple interactive video in under three minutes. Simply, upload your video,  create buttons and hotspots, add image and text overlays in Near-Life CREATOR then publish and add the interactive video to your Captivate course as a web object. 

Near-Life CREATOR Canvas Map - a simple interactive video

You can upload 180 and 360 video to create a VR experience and if you don’t have video media, you can still create an interactive experience with images or make your own slides directly in CREATOR.

Create your own slide in Near-Life CREATOR

How to embed interactive video in Adobe Captivate

In Near-Life CREATOR, copy the share link URL

Go to Adobe Captivate and select Objects > Web from the toolbar

Adobe Captivate - add a web object

Select the Address option and paste the Near-Life share link in the URL field

Then publish your Adobe Captivate course and share to your LMS in the usual way! For more help using web objects in Adobe Captivate, follow this link

Not a Captivate user? Check out our instructions on embedding with Articulate Storyline.

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