Love Energy Savings creates interactive learning and onboarding

Love Energy Savings revamps learning and onboarding with Near-Life

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How a business utilities company used Near-Life to create interactive learning and onboarding experiences.

The energy industry can be incredibly volatile, and as such, has appeared in the media, more and more frequently in recent months due to the ongoing energy crisis.

One of the major changes within the industry recently, is the introduction of the ADR scheme. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers to ways of resolving disputes between consumers and traders that don’t involve going to court.  These changes mean that energy companies need to train employees to cope with the changes to sector.

For Bolton-based business utilities company, Love Energy Savings, this would usually mean that one of their Learning and Development team would go away, research the topic and then produce training.  All that before even organising the training event itself.

Interactive learning and onboarding in half the time

According to Michelle Waller, L&D Manager at Love Energy Savings:

Thanks to Near-Life we have been able to halve the time taken to deliver the training itself, provide some real life scenarios for our teams to test their knowledge and spend more valuable time with our team-mates than ever.

Love Energy Savings is also using the interactive video software for things other than training.

Michelle told us that, since the pandemic, Love Energy Savings has been recruiting team-mates nationwide.  Unfortunately, these new team-mates don’t get the benefit of seeing the buzz of the office environment. To help foster more inclusivity with their remote team-mates, Michelle’s team produced an interactive session which allows new team-mates to take a virtual tour of the site. The tour includes guest appearances of key members of the Love Energy Savings’ team.

Michelle adds:

I’m really happy with the fresh approach Near-Life has brought to our business and the world of L&D in general and I’d highly recommend using this platform to anyone.

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