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Health and safety training goes digital and interactive

Case Study – ASDA

Health and Safety training can often be a dry and uninspiring experience. Learners are usually presented with a list of dos and don’ts, paperwork and posters around workplace health and safety practices and procedures, plus anecdotal examples of bad practice in the workplace. It may sometimes feel like nothing could make health and safety training in the workplace engaging, interactive or even enjoyable.

Until now.

DTS and ASDA recently joined forces to introduce new health and safety learning using DTS’s ‘Near-Life™’ approach to actively engage colleagues.

Health and safety key learning points

The organisations worked closely to develop a course that tackled the key learning points. By asking the question: “what do we really want colleagues to take away from this?” the course development project group was able to address the key areas of change.

That initial question was followed up with: “how would these situations present themselves in store?” and “what are the consequences of not making the right choice in everyday work life?”.

By approaching the learning in this way, DTS and ASDA developed an interactive learning experience that really addressed the key issues and reinforced ASDA’s commitment to health and safety.

Relevant and recognisable

ASDA health and safety training gets digital makeover

To make the learning engaging, a script was developed that brought the learning points to life by using ASDA language and terminology. A combination of professional actors and ASDA colleagues were filmed in a real store to give the scenarios added realism. This made the learning relevant as the setting and language were instantly recognisable.

Using DTS’s Near-Life™ learning approach and interactive game system, a time-sensitive, outcomes-based experience was designed and delivered.

Positive feedback

Initial roll out has been to the ASDA Retail academies, where the learning is being delivered in group settings to gauge response. Early feedback has been positive.

Mike Todd from DTS said,

“We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with ASDA on this very innovative project. We have been able to work closely with the ASDA team to make the training as realistic and relevant as possible. We believe it really demonstrates the value of using interactive video in eLearning.”

Andrew Crowe, Senior Manager Functional Capability added,

“At ASDA we are constantly seeking to improve the learning and development experience for our colleagues. The DTS approach has helped us make our Health and Safety training more relevant and engaging.”

Wider roll out of this cloud-based, elearning solution is planned for early 2019.

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