DTS launches flagship interactive platform: Mission Ready

Working alongside disaster relief NGO, RedR UK, DTS has launched online learning platform Mission Ready for the international humanitarian sector. The platform has been created to provide a number of interactive simulations and challenges to prepare aid workers for what they may face in the field.

Become Mission Ready with real-world scenarios

Mission Ready puts trainees in a ‘real-world’ environment where they are required to interact with individuals and make decisions.

Field Security Management

The first training course is Field Security Management, designed to meet the security needs of organisations and individuals working in hostile environments.  Material covering a range of security topics – including context assessment, security planning and staff managment for security – has been developed in collaboration with Oxfam, Save the Children and War Child.

Speaking for DTS, Mike Todd said:

“Game-based learning has been proven to improve both user engagement and knowledge retention. We really believe that Mission Ready will help revolutionise training in the sector – it will save money and, more importantly, help save lives.”

The platform is available in Arabic, English and French and combines written content, documentary films and immersive, interactive first person scenarios.

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