Three top learning design tips to make your content more engaging

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You’ve got interesting learning content, full of information vital to the end user. It’s going to be invaluable to them. Does it really matter, then, how that content is delivered?

In a word, yes.

When it comes to engaging your audience, the way your project is designed and delivered is crucial. You’re reading this blog, so we’ll assume you already understand this to a greater or lesser extent. Otherwise, you’d probably be busy at the photocopier running off your latest training manual.

Let’s look at three top learning tips to make your content more engaging.

Number 1 – use interactive video

When it comes to learning content design, interactive video can be an enormously effective tool. Through immersive content, such as branching scenarios, users are pulled right into the thick of the action.

Take a look at this short segment from an interactive video project before reading on. It was created by Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue using the Near-Life interactive video authoring tool.

Imagine a firefighter first witnessing the scene shown at the start of this clip. They’re then presented with a senior colleague giving them direct instructions. It’s up to them to decide on how to execute those instructions by choosing the correct option. All within a restricted time frame.

We obviously can’t replicate the genuine life and death situations faced by firefighters. But the use of scene setting and POV video certainly takes this interactive learning up a notch. Branching scenarios (e.g. choose A, B, C or D) can, of course, be used in almost any content design. They’re certainly not restricted to extreme situations like these. However, in this particular example, the pressure is very much on.

Number 2 – use gamification

Of the three top learning design tips to make your content more engaging, gamification is probably the most fun.

Gamified content

But gamified projects are also an excellent way of delivering immersive learning. Fun is engaging, that’s why it’s fun! For some inspiration, check out our blog on gamification.

Number 3 – make it VR

If you’re involved in learning content creation, VR could be your ultimate tool. It’s gone from strength to strength in recent years and continues to break new ground.  Putting the user right in the heart of the project, it takes immersive content to another level.

Emergency medical teams still from Near-Life World Health Organisation VR Security training trailer

Here’s a great example, if we do say so ourselves, of interactive content delivered via VR. It’s a project we worked on with the World Health Organisation.

Let Near-Life help you engage

And there you have it, our three top learning design tips to make your content more engaging. We hope you’ve had a look at the links in this blog. If so, and you want to know more, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re well-versed in all of the above. Our software is incredibly easy to use and designed to be completely flexible. It can be tailored to any organisation and any project.

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