How to use Canva to create interactive presentations

Convert Canva presentations into interactive scenarios

Creating presentations with Canva is effortless. Now you can easily make them interactive with Near-Life™ CREATOR.

The benefits of using both Canva and Near-Life™ are pretty straightforward.

Near-Life™ allows everyone to easily create interactive video and VR. Our tool helps you to get ahead of the competition with more effective and engaging content that is completely analysed and tracked.

Canva, an online design and publishing tool empowers everyone to design anything and publish anywhere. With over 250,000 templates and countless graphics, it’s clear to see why over 30 million people use it every month.

Check out our short interactive presentation that we created using Canva and Near-Life™ CREATOR.

Work smarter, not harder

To get started you need to create your presentation in Canva. With their vast library of resources, you can either choose a ready-made template or go ahead and create your own. This template should form the basis of your whole presentation so that design efforts remain a minimum throughout the process. Efficiency is key!

Whether your presentation is to inform, educate, motivate or persuade, make sure that it flows correctly. If you get the layout right the first time around, it’ll be even easier to make interactive. Equally as important, ensure your presentation looks good. No matter the purpose, you want to create engaging content that your audience remembers.

With Canva there are no limits to creativity. If it suits your objectives and audience, add in some animations, music, images, graphics or all of it. It’s super important to only add in features that align with your end goals so that you don’t distract your audience from the purpose of your presentation.

Let’s get interactive

To convert your presentation into an interactive scenario your presentation needs to be in an MP4 format. To do this, you can download each slide individually* as an MP4 file straight from Canva. Downloading each slide separately means you won’t need to edit or cut large files further down the line.

*As you download each slide, name it according to your layout. E.g. slide 1, slide 2 etc. This will help once you’re in Near-Life™ CREATOR.

Near-Life™ Academy will help you to get started on your first project. There are plenty of tutorials to walk you through from the very beginning right through to the end. You’ll get to understand how to add feedback and scoring (if required) and how to track the interactions that your audience makes.

Once you’ve created your first project you can get started on your scenario. You should upload all of your media files first. This is where your individually named files will come in handy. They’ll make it easy for you to create your game map and to correctly layout your scenario with the media in the correct places.

You can then add interactions to any of the slides you wish to add them to. Choose from a hotspot grid, hotspot shapes or button interactions. Each of your interactions will be tracked so that you can gather key insights to support any further developments. Additionally, you’ll be able to better understand your audience.

Once you’re done you can publish, share across social media or even embed on a website of your choice. All that’s left to do is to watch and learn!

More efficient, more engaging content

By using Canva, the creative process behind your interactive content becomes effortless. Not only are there plenty of resources available, but your content can easily be edited and re-purposed. Near-Life™ CREATOR helps to make your content even more engaging with interactions. Plus the ability to track interactions cuts out the thinking in between. See exactly how your audience behaves and utilise the data to create more effective content in the future.

With two easy to use tools for everyone, you won’t be short of content that leaves a lasting impact.

Want to know more about creating interactive scenarios? Read more here.

Click the play button to try our interactive Canva presentation:
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