Got game? 3 Killer Examples of Gamification in Learning

Got game? 3 Killer Examples of Gamification in Learning

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With global gaming industry revenues set to reach $320 billion by 2026, the rise in the use of gamified content in the elearning sector won’t have escaped the attention of even the most ardent technophobe. Gamification in learning and education is certainly here to stay and innovation continues apace. 

In this blog, we explore three very different examples of gamification, each of which uses gamified content and interactive scenarios to facilitate immersive learning. And sometimes more.

Kerbal Space Program

When something is this much fun, do we even know we’re learning?

Kerbal Space Program - gamification in learning

Kerbal Space Program was originally designed as an out and out sim game where the learner takes on the role of Director at said space program. The accurate representation of the physics involved brought the game to the attention of major space luminaries, not least NASA; their interest and input led to specific add-ons that could simulate some of the real-life situations they were encountering in space.

A great, high-level example of gamification in learning, in which existing gamified content was taken and adapted into an experiential learning tool through the input of its expert fans. Jetpac had finally been supplanted as the number one rocket building simulation!

Siemens’ Plantville

What if gamified content could incorporate learning, recruitment and marketing in one neat package?

Plantville by Siemens - gamified learning, recruitment and marketing

As far back as 2011, Siemens managed just that with their Plantville gaming platform. Participants played as a Siemens plant manager, responsible for all that entails – productivity, sustainability and efficiency. But who was it aimed at? Well, let’s just say…almost everyone. Potential employees, customers, students and the public all embraced it and, in the process, were also left in no doubt that this was the Siemens show. Gamification in learning meets branding masterclass.

Participants were invited to engage with a successful plant manager, Pete, who advised and encouraged them on how to be just like him. “Pete” also interacted with players through webisodes, posts and personal exchanges on social media. Use of a leaderboard added a little competitive edge to proceedings; perhaps a forerunner of the badging we often see in gamified content today.

Whilst of its time, Plantville still shows us the value of gamification learning tailored to a specific organisation.

Near-Life VR

What if creating VR learning experiences was easy and affordable?

EMTs explore surroundings in earthquake rubble

As a leading innovator in the field of interactive video for learning, Near-Life has recently taken its existing gamification software to the next level. With the addition of VR, our interactive scenarios and immersive learning experiences are now more realistic than ever. The new technology was initially developed alongside the World Health Organisation to provide them with a VR security training course for their Emergency Medical Teams programme.

Our branching scenario software is easily transferable to any organisation. Near-Life CREATOR allows you to create learning simulations involving anything from a terrorist ambush to a loan interview with a single tool.

Match made in heaven

With several academic and workplace studies showing the increased engagement of participants with immersive learning, the future looks decidedly virtual. Experiential learning and VR are a match made in heaven and Near-Life is leading the technological charge.

Check out some of the exciting things we’re doing and let Near-Life help make your elearning ideas a reality. Well, virtually.

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