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Why VR tech is key to remote learning and talent development

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Just because you’re learning or working remotely doesn’t mean you should miss out on the immersive experience you get from a classroom or workspace.

Virtual Reality (VR) can keep you connected and engaged like never before. From games consoles to tourism, VR tech is more accessible than it’s ever been. Now, it’s about to change education as we know it.

Human behaviours without the humans

Real-life behaviours don’t need to be taught in real life. You can learn and develop behavioural skills with nothing but a nifty VR headset. Taking the leap to managerial status? You can practice those unique interpersonal conversations without confusing an actual working relationship. Need to monitor body language or gestures? VR could help with that too. You can even use this clever tech to simulate health and safety or disaster scenarios without any disruption.

On location without the travel

Whether it’s restrictions, cost or time, it’s not always possible to be in the right learning environment. That was until VR came along, of course. Whatever you need and wherever you need to be to do it properly, VR can transport you there. It comes in particularly useful for learners or staff that need to be in a particular location to maximise their development. You could be serving diners in a packed restaurant, working on a building site or monitoring marine life in the middle of the ocean. If it’s good enough for everyone from pilots to oil rig workers, it’s good enough for you…

New processes without the confusion

All businesses have to go through new processes at some point. It’s not everyone’s favourite thing to do, but it needs to be done. Luckily, VR can enhance the way you deliver and teach all things new. You might want to put an interviewee in a particular role, assess a learners progress at the end of a course or teach new starters how to use complicated equipment before they try the real thing. VR tech lets users do this with a point-of-view experience which increases engagement knowledge retention. The possibilities are endless.

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