Script interactive branching scenarios with AI

Script interactive branching scenarios with AI

Humanoid robot simulating thinking with hand on chin. Text: Script interactive, branching scenarios with AI.

AI tools are everywhere. You can use them to write essays, create images, generate celebrity voices and more. In fact, one of the winners of the Sony World Photography Award 2023 was an AI generated image. Boris Eldagsen’s entry, Pseudomnesia: The Electrician, won the creative open category.

While it may not be award worthy, we decided to test chatGPT to see what an AI generated branching scenario script might look like. We asked: Can you write a short interactive script outlining a basic sales training scenario with branching outcomes?

Short branching script

ChatGPT interactive scenario script on laptop screen

ChatGPT provided a short sales training script with three decision points. The script included a sample outcome for each correct choice only. If you’ve read our feedback blog, you’ll know that we put a lot of value on feedback. So we decided to script outcomes for the incorrect choices as well.

Based on the script from chatGPT, we created the following, training scenario, in a few hours. To illustrate the choices and outcomes, we used Canva.

We kept things very simple.

Refining the script with AI

Speaking on the BBC’s Today programme, Eldagsen described the long and careful process that went into generating his image. It was not just a quick “create this for me” situation, like our sales training example above. He painstakingly created the image over several months adding and removing elements until he was happy with the final, award-winning image.

Based on Eldagsen’s comment above, you could use his technique to refine and expand the simple scenario that we produced. For example, you could ask chatGPT to create the scenario using the Miller Heiman sales strategy or focus on a specific product, industry or sector. We could have also gone back and asked for a script for the wrong outcomes, too. The AI tool can also analyse your work and writing style to provide a script that matches your in-house voice. Like Eldagsen, you can tweak and refine with AI until you create the perfect (or close-to-perfect) script.

AI may not generate an award-winning learning scenario (yet), but it will at least help you get started.

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