Create trackable, interactive presentations with Near-Life CREATOR

Create trackable, interactive presentations with Near-Life CREATOR

Make trackable and interactive presentations with Near-Life CREATOR

How do you know whether that presentation you spent ages putting together and shared was actually opened and viewed?

How can you tell whether your viewer actually went through all the slides and didn’t just give up half-way through?

You can’t.

Well, you couldn’t, but you can now with Near-Life CREATOR.

Using the latest Near-Life CREATOR features, you can create, share and track your presentations. If you create a linear presentation, that is a presentation with a single journey from start to finish, with CREATOR you can see exactly how many times it has been opened and viewed through to the end.

Branch out

But who ever said travelling in a straight line was fun? It might be efficient but it’s often boring. You can add user interactions and make your presentation more engaging with the Near-Life CREATOR interactive video authoring tool. And, best of all, you can branch out.

Unlike the restrictions of traditional presentations, you can incorporate all of the interactive aspects of Near-Life CREATOR to create a non-sequential journey of information. For example, create branches of information and allow users to select their own path. In effect, you give users the choice to follow the information that they’re most interested in.

Every choice that users make is tracked, so you will get an overview of how your content was viewed and interacted with. Actions such as the slides viewed and the time spent on each slide, are captured for later analysis.

This is especially important if you are keen to understand how users interact with your presentations rather than relying on a fire and forget approach.

See for yourself

Get started

Create a node for each of your presentation slides. It can simply default to the next slide either based upon time or a user interaction. For example, you can set the presentation to move forward after 10 seconds on a particular slide or wait until the viewer makes a choice.

Each slide can have a background video or an image or, if you don’t have either, you can select a solid colour from our colour picker and add text or image overlays. Depending on your CREATOR package, text or images can be timed to appear and disappear.

You have the option to make every overlay you add interactive.

Sum up the viewer’s areas of interest by giving them additional information in the feedback space. This means they’ll get a final review of the key points of interest from your presentation based on their interactions.

Engagement you can measure

So whether you want to create and share an elevator pitch, and see what areas of your business your potential investors are most interested in, so you can refine your in-person pitch, or whether you just need to share this month’s sales figures in a more engaging way, you can pretty much do it all with Near-Life CREATOR.

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