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A Gamified Chemistry Lesson made with Near-Life and Vyond

We’re really pleased to share an interactive chemistry lesson for schools that has been made using Near-Life and Vyond. We hope it will inspire other teachers/educators to take their learning resources into the future with interactive video.

Interactive lessons

A UK High School used Near-Life to create an interactive video experience for their chemistry curriculum. This interactive chemistry lesson covers acids and alkalis, pH and how universal indicator can be used to demonstrate pH of different substances. 

“This video has been such an amazing tool for teaching my students. I can’t wait to make more in the future for other topics – it’s opened my eyes to how powerful interactivity could be for education.”

Immersive learning and interactivity

The great part about Near-Life for education is that it allows you to create immersive learning situations with real decision-making without any of the risks or need for equipment. The teacher can look at insights into how students have performed on an individual basis – you’ll note this interactive lesson captures the name of each user before starting. You can also reuse your gamified lessons over and over. Simply republish the video before sharing to clear all the insights so you can capture new ones. 

Here are some other use cases in education:

  • Home learning
  • Resource for cover/supply teacher
  • Aids visual learners
  • Revision tool 
  • Homework
  • Holiday quiz that is subject related 

We feel that creating immersive, visually engaging and easily accessible lessons is the future of education. There are countless studies that prove people learn better and retain information for longer when they’re engaged in learning resources. 

How this interactive, gamified lesson was made 

The media for the game was made with VYOND, a platform that simplifies making animated content and is popular in the educational sector. The game also includes hotspot images which were created in Canva. This was done by adding graphics of test tubes in different colours and downloading each with a transparent background before uploading to Near-Life. By doing this, you can set conditions so the test tubes appear when you make certain interactions. This was imperative to have colour change be a part of the lesson.

With the media made, it was then added to Near-Life and uploaded to the storyboard. From there, the interactions could be refined.

We are so proud of this partnership and feel it’s a great step for Near-Life to take into the educational sector. 

Check out the result – the proof is in the pudding. 

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