Interactive digital nursing simulations help inspire students
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Interactive digital nursing simulations help inspire students

University of Bolton digital nursing simulation - medicines administration

The University of Bolton (UoB) created a series of interactive digital nursing simulations as part of the holistic care placement experience for first year nursing students. Using Near-Life’s content authoring tool, the scenarios are designed to support the students’ placement hours.

Digital simulations deliver high level learning outcomes

Simulation based education (SBE) is not a new concept. However, it has gained significant traction due to COVID 19 and the capacity problems surrounding clinical placements for students. Conventional simulation can often be labour intensive and costly.  It is also difficult to encompass every learning opportunity within a large cohort. It is no surprise that establishments are using virtual simulated learning more and more to meet the growing demands required to deliver high level student learning outcomes. 

The University has created a series of immersive virtual learning experiences, where students have sole autonomy over the choices presented to them and determine how the scenario unfolds. The digital nursing simulations cover topics such as A to E assessment, Medicine management, Activities of daily living and Discharge planning.  The University’s nursing simulations put students in a position where they can test their own decision making and see the outcome of the choices they make in a safe environment.

Digital nursing simulation - Activities of Daily Living decision point

Positive feedback from students

Following each interactive scenario, face to face debriefs take place with UoB lecturers. These sessions enable students to discuss and explore the choices they made and why. This has provided a great platform for peer to peer learning. Subsequently, multiple discussions have taken place around the different parts of each of the simulations. The initial feedback from students has been very positive.

Debrief sessions allow students to discuss and explore the choices they made and why

CREATOR allows for the creation of multiple simulations that can be played repeatedly thanks to its straightforward design and ability to share the interactive content. This is time and cost effective but simultaneously enhances the learning experience. The ability to track interactive learning allows the University to also have a more in-depth knowledge of students’ decision making which can highlight areas for improvement.

Research has shown that interactive videos are more engaging than traditional videos: they are watched for 44% longer and are 32% more memorable.

Matt Smith from the University stated that:

Nursing is a practical based profession and the interactive digital simulations allow students to immerse themselves within the scenarios and learn by doing. This interactive video approach has allowed us to expand our capacity in terms of offering experiential learning to students. The response has been very positive and we’re keen to further expand our focus on interactive and immersive learning using Near-Life’s platform.

Geseth Garcia added:

“We have an excellent relationship with the University and they have been an early adopter of our interactive learning authoring tool. It’s great to see the product being used in this innovative way to support the creation on digital nursing simulations.”

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