New Remote Security Management course on Mission Ready

DTS and partners RedR have launched a new course on the Mission Ready platform: Remote Security Management.

Remote Management – or ‘constrained access programming’ – describes an approach to running projects which involves “transferring greater programming responsibility to local staff; and overseeing activities from a different location.” Remote Security Management (RSM) may be part of this approach. It splits security management responsibilities between staff in a potentially insecure location and staff in other locations.

No longer a temporary or last resort: Donors and implementers working in insecure contexts primarily view remote programming as a last resort strategy to be adopted once other measures have failed. However, remote programming is now the new normal in fragile and conflict-affected states where access is severely restricted, rather than a temporary response. – No Longer a Last Resort: A Review of the Remote Programming Landscape,  working paper, Integrity Research and Consultancy

In many hostile environments it may be sensible to locate non-essential roles away from the conflict, where staff can work more effectively. In other situations, a background level of continual risk may cause an aid organisation to rule that the only posts on offer are unaccompanied or local staff positions. This restricts the pool of experienced staff available at the front-line.  Despite the limitations above, certain staff can contribute to effective and much-needed aid projects in potentially insecure locations.

The Remote Security Management course on Mission Ready aims to give trainees a taste of the complexities of remote management that front-line and remote staff will likely face when working to deliver humanitarian programmes.

Interactive Game Play

For the Remote Security Management course on Mission Ready, the interactive scenarios take the point-of-view of the Remote Programme Manager.


You are the regional programme manager for a fictional NGO based in the fictional territory of Raqan. Given the high state of tension in most of the surrounding countries, there are always several medical projects taking place. Although the security situation and the demands of the rest of your job may not allow you to be based in the field in difficult locations, you still play an active role in supporting teams from a central point. Your mission is to to enact the core practices of good security management in order to continue delivery of projects on the ground.

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