How to deliver VR learning at scale - free seminar

How to deliver VR learning at scale – free seminar

Man with VR headset and arms reaching out. Text: VR Learning at Scale

Learning Technologies will play host to a seminar delivered by Mike Todd on 3 May 2023.

2023 sees the breakdown of tech barriers to enterprise VR deployment. Are you ready? Mike will be discussing “How to deliver VR learning at scale” as part of the exhibition’s 200+ seminar and bitesize learning offer. If you’re interested in adopting VR learning but unsure how, this practical session will cover hints and tips on how you can deliver effective VR learning at scale.

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Join Mike on 3 May 2023, Theatre 7 at 15:30. More info here.

You can also check out the wider Learning Technologies seminar schedule hereGet your free pass to one of the largest EdTech exhibitions in the world.

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