New interactive video features for 2022

Two new features for 2022

We’ve just released two new features to help you create even better interactive videos: jump to URL and pop-ups.

Jump to URL

You can now jump to a URL directly from your interactive video.  This feature allows users to create calls to action that go beyond the interactive experience. 

For example, if your goal is to get viewers to TRY IT NOW, send them to your sign up form, if you want them to BOOK A DEMO, direct them to your booking page, if you want them to FIND OUT MORE, take them to an info page. You can also link to a document – as long as it’s online, you can link to it!  

See how jump to URL works in the example below.

You can add a jump to URL action using any overlay; that means you can add this function to text, images, hotspots or buttons.


Our second feature release is the pop-up. When you add a hotspot, you have the option to jump to a new scene or jump to URL, but you can now add a pop-up.  The pop-up is super helpful when you want to give the end user more information on something within the interactive video without leaving the full experience.

See how pop-ups work in the example below.

This will keep your audience connected with the action of your interactive experience. 

Jump to URL and the hotspot pop-up features are now live and all of our subscribers have immediate access to them. If you have a CREATOR account, you’ll find instructions on how to use them in the Academy.

We’re committed to delighting our customers and continually work to improve the tool and provide features that they have requested or will find useful.

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