3 reasons Why data is key for your learning strategy

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Data is crucial to the success of your learning strategy.

When it comes to developing or updating your elearning strategy, data will become your most important tool. With careful planning, it will help to form your best learning content yet.

Work smarter not harder

No matter the organisation you work in, you’ll always want to be as efficient as possible. Using data will cut out a lot of your thinking work for future content. Your learning will always be current, according to your audience. Plus, you’ll provide a much better experience for your users.

Let us tell you why your data is key:

Track your success

For a long time, you may have been achieving results from your learning strategy. But, there’s no real value unless the results are tracked. Your tracked data sits as evidence to show that your strategy is working. Additionally, it will help you to see and understand the areas that aren’t working.

All of this together will help you to develop your strategy further. You’ll have a much deeper understanding of not only the learning content but your learners. As a result, you’ll be able to ensure you aren’t wasting budget or time developing content. Plus you can establish a learning route that will benefit your learners and maximise knowledge retention.

Personalised learning

With the data you have collected you are able to capture how your learners retain knowledge best. This will help you to make decisions on what kind of learning content you should provide for individuals in the future. Whether that be through video, text-based learning, face-to-face sessions or even through tools like VR.

Additionally, you’ll be able to see more clearly who needs further support, or not. Your data will help you to offer the right areas for further learning. Understanding your learners as much as possible will always work in your favour. The more personalised your learning, the more your users will feel they have been individually considered.

Optimise your content

Whilst data will indicate any gaps in the content itself, it will also show where there may be issues with the deployment and structure of your learning. Your data can provide helpful insights such as the kind of device your learners use, the times they choose to learn and so on.

All of this can help you to better structure your content. You may find that your learners require more time on certain areas or that sections are being skipped. Your data will become integral in the design of your courses. Finally, you’ll be able to design learning that best fits the type of device your learners use. For example, if most use mobile devices you can ensure your content is optimised properly to work on mobiles devices.

The key to successful learning

Data will help to provide you with a much deeper understanding of your learners and the content you have created. It’s important that you ensure you have adequate ways of collecting and recording your data to continuously improve your strategy.

Once you have these in place, data will help to drive the success of your learning strategy.

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