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How to make my first interactive video

My first interactive video how to guide image

My First Interactive Video

Building your first scenario can be daunting, so we’ve put together this short example to help you.

Watch it through below and then follow the steps to create your own version.

Steps required to create an interactive video

  1. Create a new project and add a new scenario.
  2. In scenario settings, once you give the scenario a name, tick Display feedback report, Use scoring and set a pass score of 75
  3. Edit the button and text settings to your preference and save
  4. Download all the media assets HERE and upload via the Upload Media button in the Canvas.
  5. Edit the first node.
    1. Give it a name
    2. Select Media Type: Video
    3. Select Media file: Choosedestination.mp4
    4. Enable countdown – to show a countdown timer – this is also the time that the buttons will appear.
    5. In Overlays, select the Button Group icon
      1. Set the Button text, we’ve used Sun but you can change to anything
      2. Jump to: <New Node>
      3. Add feedback text
      4. Set a score
      5. Click Add New Button and repeat steps 5.1-5.4 for the remaining two buttons.
    6. Once your buttons are set, click save.
    7. Your map should now show four nodes: the starting node and one node for each button added.
    8. Click on Media Library and drag the correct media file into the corresponding nodes.
    9. At this point, you should have a fully working scenario with one decision point and three outcome scenes.
    10. Click the Preview button to test it. If you are happy, you can Publish and Share.

There are enough video clips for you to create additional decision points off of each destination (Sun, Winter, City) and build out the scenario even further, as in the image below, should you wish.

Challenge: try using hotspots instead of buttons to create the interactions.

My first interactive video how to guide image

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