Introducing Academy925

Immersive learning platform set to revolutionise corporate training

Digital Training Solutions and Josie Hastings Associates have launched a new immersive learning platform that is set to change the face of corporate training.

Already derided as dull, the online revolution in education has only made workplace learning seem less engaging than ever. Academy925 is designed to change all that.

Utilising cutting edge interactive video technology, takes a game based approach to learning. People who use the platform are placed in an immersive learning environment with first person scenarios requiring users to respond to a range of ‘near-life’ work based situations.

When you take the course, you play the role of a newly appointed manager at fictional company Veritas Ventures. All the scenarios are filmed with established actors from film and television and the story linked to each topic unfolds according to the decisions that are taken.

The interactive video in Academy925 is at the cutting edge of an emerging trend towards ‘gamification’ in learning. Research at MIT into interactivity and online learning showed that 94% of respondents found interactive features useful.

The first course on the new Academy925 platform focuses on Management Training and looks at some of the thornier issues managers can face: Poor Perfomance; Unfair Treatment; Sickness Absence and Exclusion.

In addition to the interactive scenarios, there are a range of supporting materials provided that will help learners get to grips with the topics covered.

Individuals and companies can sign up for courses directly from the platform. Organisations seeking to train people on a larger scale can buy bundles of licenses, with costs savings increasing the more they buy.

The material is based on the years of experience in the HR and training sector that Josie Hastings Associates have amassed, working with agencies from across the public and private sector. Individuals who successfully complete the course are awarded a certificate as proof of their learning.

Josie Hastings states that:

“Learning is changing. Organisations and individuals are looking for ways to deliver training in a cost-effective and affordable way, while retaining the level of engagement that can often only be achieved through role play type learning.”

Digital Training Solutions Director Mike Todd added:

“We’re really pleased to be able to use our near-life learning approach on a platform that tackles important work based issues in an engaging and immersive way.”

Academy925 is live now. Organisations and individuals can register by visiting the site

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