Near-Life CREATOR is getting (even) better…

Some exciting changes are coming soon

Over the past six months, we’ve been working hard to improve Near-Life CREATOR and we’re happy to say that we’ve implemented some new features to help make creating interactive scenarios much easier.

More flexibility

We listened to our users and introduced new features, including:

  • Add images make interactive scenarios with images as well as video
  • Add text add text to images, video or create slides directly in CREATOR
  • Make text interactive – another layer of interactivity in addition to buttons and hotspots
  • Larger canvas – we’ve increased the canvas size to give more control over button, text and hotspot placement

The new features mean users can map out and test scenario branching without the need for video media. You can also publish interactive scenarios without any video content at all. This makes interactive scenario authoring even easier than before!

Add images and text

Editing is easier

One big difference is that there is just one edit window now.

New CREATOR Editor Window

Users will make all their changes, add media and interactions in a single interface – no need to switch between Settings and Interaction to create interactive scenarios.

Automatic upgrade

Near-Life CREATOR is cloud-based so all the changes will be automatic. Existing users won’t need to install any updates to get the new features.

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