The benefits of interactive video for businesses

How interactive videos can help businesses with training & development

A Business Team Holding An Interactive Video

Interactive video is a great way to keep an active relationship with employees within a business. With gamified elements and tracking options, interactive video is perfect for both remote and office based learning. In this blog, Pru explains the benefits of interactive video and how valuable it can be for training and development within businesses…

What is interactive video?

Interactive video enables the user to be an active participant in a scenario. Unlike streaming videos and tutorials, interactive video brings a scenario to the user and lets them make decisions based on the multiple choices. 

Immersive scenarios, branching options and various media like 360 footage enables the user to interact with the environment like they would in real-life. Not only does this give learners an authentic learning experience but is also time and cost efficient in delivering real-life training around a flexible, remote environment.

Why is it useful to businesses?

Interactive video brings an immersive approach to your business by directly involving employees. Live interaction, feedback and creative branding through graphics and animation involves both the individual user and the business through a personalised approach that can be altered for each user.

Immersive content has been proven to increase user engagement. In a post-Covid world, working from home means having a flexible lifestyle. Having the option to take part in work-based training from home enables employees to immerse themselves in real-life, work-based scenarios from home as well as maintain employer-employee relations in a distanced environment.

This reason alone is a huge business benefit. Not only does it maintain a strong bond between business and audience regardless of distance and circumstance but promotes the brand in an innovative, cost effective way.

In addition, interactive video helps your team build a lasting relationship with the business, inspiring more effort to be put into goals through self-improvement. In our ‘8 tips to improve employee engagement’, we discussed how employee engagement leads to a better work effort. For example, employee engagement studies shows that highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their organisation.

How does interactive video benefit you?

Interactive video has gained popularity because it is highly engaging and memorable. Full courses and intense modules can be split up into bite-sized, gamified lessons which makes the learning experience enjoyable.

Unsurprisingly, affordability is something everyone looks out for first. Creating immersive, gamified content doesn’t have to be expensive. With Near-Life’s annual and monthly subscription packages, you can create professional and affordable interactive videos.

Not only is Near-Life CREATOR easy to use and give you the option to import VR and 3D media, its integration with LMSs through SCORM, LTI and xAPI is a huge bonus. These integration options are great for learning creators because they enable you to integrate with various LMSs to track content and learning progress.

Interactive video and Near-Life 

In a previous blog, we discussed the advantages of choosing an interactive video authoring tool and highlighted various features. You can make an interactive video by adding gamified elements such as buttons and branching options. Features like story branching, buttons and hotspots in CREATOR can bring your videos to life whether it is for learning or training purposes.

Near-Life’s platform tracks decisions and gives learners feedback on their choices. LMS integration through SCORM and LTI allows learning professionals to track and monitor those interactions.

Interactive video is definitely a must during a post-Covid work life where online content has become the preferred option. The ability to break down modules into bite-sized chunks through interactive content gives learners flexibility and supports better learning outcomes.

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