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How to make an interactive video – adding subtitles

How to make an interactive video - subtitles

Creating an interactive video with Near-Life CREATOR is easy. In this tutorial, we’re going to take a closer look at subtitles. Adding subtitles makes videos accessible to a wider audience and with Near-Life’s subtitle feature you will help your audience get the most out of your interactive videos.


You can add subtitles to your scenarios when you work with 2D video media.  We recommend adding subtitles as the final step, once your scenario has been built out and before you publish. 

  1. Open the Project where the Scenario that you want to add subtitles to is located.
  2. Once you’re on the Scenario list, then select the Media link from the options on the right-hand side of the Scenario you want to edit. 
  3. Now you should see the media list for this Scenario. 
  4. Then you can select the Subtitles link for the media file you want to add subtitles to.
  5. Click the Add Subtitles button to open the Subtitle dialogue box. The name of the file in the dialogue box should match the name of the file that you want to add the subtitles to.
  6. Next, select the language of the subtitles that you are adding. It’s important to select the correct language. This will then allow the end user to select their preferred language option.
  7. Copy and paste your VTT subtitles from a VTT file into the subtitle area.  Subtitles must be in the correct VTT format. Click save.
  8. To add another language, select it from the language drop down and paste the VTT subtitles into the subtitle area and save.
  9. Once you have added all of the subtitles, test the scenario before you Publish. In order to test, now go back to the Canvas and click on the Test Play button in the right hand corner.
  10. Now you can click play and then click on the CC icon in the playbar to select the language.
  11. Once selected, the subtitles should appear.

Subtitles are currently limited to English, German, French, Spanish or Portuguese and must be in VTT format. You can upload subtitles for just one language or all. If you provide subtitles for more than one language, the end user will be able to select and set the default language by clicking on the CC icon in the scenario player. 

You need to upload subtitles for each media file that makes up your interactive scenario.  If you don’t already have subtitles in VTT format, then there are lots of platforms available online that will help you create them.


Adding subtitles.pdf

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