Vyond name Near-Life as one of their Top Ten learning platforms

Near-Life named one of Vyond's BEST elearning platforms for 2022

Lead animation software Vyond have named Near-Life as one of their top ten global learning platforms for 2022-23.

The San Francisco based company said that Near-Life is, in their words: ‘a very cool tool’.

Tools that deliver the best results for learning

Vyond delivered a recent webinar where they talked to their user community about what tools could help deliver the best results for learning.

The Vyond team talked about how learner experience was so important: prioritising learner engagement through interaction.

Use Vyond and Near-Life to created interactive learning experiences like this Choking scenario for St John Ambulance.

Vyond’s animation authoring tool makes it simple to create effective videos for learning. As a product, it is very complimentary to Near-Life’s interactive video authoring tool, which makes it possible to create interactive video content quickly and easily. See how we created this Choking scenario for St John Ambulance using Vyond and Near-Life.

Immersive learning works

Interactive scenarios, using video and gamification, have been shown to improve knowledge retention among learners. Making it easy to create this type of interactive content has been a mission for both Vyond and Near-Life.

CEO of Near-Life Mike Todd said:

“We’re big fans of VYOND, they’ve been one of the big learning success stories over the last decade. To be named as one of their top ten learning platforms – and be among some of the biggest names in learning technology – is great recognition for us.”

If you’re interested to learn how Near-Life and Vyond can work well together, check out this recent webinar.

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