What is LTI and how can I use it?

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Learning tools interoperability (LTI), changed how elearning tools are integrated into Learning Management Systems (LMSs), making the process more time and cost efficient. In this article, team member Pru explains what it is and why it is important for elearning courses and Learning Management Systems…

What is LTI?

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a way of enabling secure integration so that information can be shared safely between LMSs and other tools. LTI enables the secure sharing of externally hosted elearning content and an LMS. It also allows learning designers to plug-in external resources, content and activities available online into an LMS. For example, if you’re a teacher, you can use an LMS to add outside resources, content and activities that are available on the internet.

Why is LTI useful?

In the past, if a learning organisation wanted to make online learning programmes that used external content, they would have to pay for expensive programming to connect their LMS to those resources.  Or they might have sent learners outside of the LMS. That would make tracking learner progress difficult.

Figuring out how to connect external resources to an LMS could take a long time with the added risk of having to be redone if there were any changes to the software. LTI removes this risk by making integration simple.

How does LTI benefit elearning?

LTI enables learning providers to create a rapid and seamless integration of various learning tools. Using LTI compatible learning tools allows learning creators to personalise their LMS. Integrating a variety of external resources within a single environment also benefits learners by giving them access to more varied learning materials. 

One of the key benefits is that any updates to learning resources are instantaneous. For example, any edits or updates made to external resources will show up right away on the connected LMS. You don’t have to re-upload and connect it again.

The connection is also secure. So, the external tool can update the LMS because of the trusted connection between the two systems.

Near-Life CREATOR and LTI

LTI is just another way that Near-Life CREATOR allows learning professionals to plug interactive videos into their elearning courses. If you have a learning course that is showing its age, then being able to “plug in” fresh content can be really useful. Simply use CREATOR and LTI to add an interactive video without having to reformat the course too much.

CREATOR tracks, records and communicates all interactions and completions to the LMS in real-time. This is great when wanting to track learning progress – a key factor for virtual training.

Using an LTI compatible learning tool like CREATOR gives learners access to richer content without leaving their LMS. It also allows learning designers to track that progress instantly, which makes the virtual learning process more efficient.


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