Near-Life joins UK delegation at BETT conference: Revolutionising education through interactive video and VR

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Near-Life, a pioneering company specialising in interactive video for learning, is thrilled to announce its participation in the prestigious BETT (British Educational Training and Technology) conference in London. Near-Life is one of the Northern Powerhouse companies that have been selected to be part of the UK delegation. 

Near-Life is set to showcase its cutting-edge technology that transforms traditional educational content into engaging, interactive and immersive learning experiences.

Largest EdTech Event

The BETT conference, renowned as the world’s leading education technology event, provides a platform for innovators to share groundbreaking solutions that enhance the learning experience. Near-Life is excited to contribute to this global conversation, offering educators, administrators, and technology enthusiasts a firsthand look at the future of interactive video and VR in education.

BETT 2023 - woman holds small robot in front of bett banner

At the heart of Near-Life’s offerings is the commitment to make interactive video and VR content creation accessible to everyone. Through their user-friendly platform, educators can seamlessly integrate interactive elements into their videos, such as quizzes, simulations, and branching scenarios. This not only enhances student engagement but also provides educators with valuable insights into individual learning paths.

Pushing the boundaries

The UK delegation at BETT represents a diverse range of companies pushing the boundaries of educational technology. By enabling educators to transform passive video content into immersive, interactive experiences, Near-Life is at the forefront of shaping the future of learning.

During the conference, Near-Life will host live demonstrations, workshops, and engage in discussions with industry leaders, educators, and policymakers. Attendees can explore firsthand how Near-Life’s platform empowers educators to create dynamic, personalised learning experiences that cater to diverse student needs.

BETT 2023 exhibition hall - banner points the way to meeting area

As Near-Life steps onto the global stage at BETT, the company looks forward to fostering collaborations, sharing insights, and contributing to the ongoing dialogue about the intersection of technology and education. 

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