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Getting feedback right in interactive learning scenarios

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One of the bonuses of using interactive scenarios for learning is the ability to give learners immediate and detailed feedback on the choices that they make.

Near-Life allows you to do this in two very different ways.

Better than scoring

When creating scenario-based learning, giving the learner immediate feedback allows them to understand whether their choice was a good one or not. Rather than just indicating that a choice was right or wrong, worth 100 or 0 points, with scenario based learning, you can provide feedback in the outcome scene of their choice.

You could tell the learner what they got wrong and why. But, you can take feedback to the next level by SHOWING what incorrect, good and best outcomes look like.

Let us show you what we mean

Check out this interactive video (made with Synthesia AI) that explains (and shows you) what we mean by effective feedback.


Show don’t tell

By showing learners the consequences of their decisions, they’ll be more likely to remember the correct behaviours or responses.  Afterall, isn’t that the aim of any learning? That it’s memorable,  recalled and implemented at the most appropriate times. Don’t just take our word for it – interactive scenario outcomes are most effective when you show the learner what makes their choice right or wrong.

Written feedback

In addition to the in-scenario resonses that learners get every time they make a decision, with Near-Life, you can also provide written critique. When you enable the report, every learner will see a report which details the decisions that were made during the scenario. You can provide a written explanation that reinforces the reasons why each choice is good or bad or the best. The learner will only see the comments for their choices and can also download the report. This is a great resource for follow-up group discussions or one-to-one feedback sessions.

If you need help getting started with interactive learning scenarios, check out our 10 steps to interactive scenario success blog.

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