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Health and safety training gets a digital makeover

Asda health and safety interactive video

‘Health and safety training’ – the four words that can make any employee feel a sense of dread.

Health and safety often makes you think of mundane PowerPoint slides, outdated videos of an employee slipping and a lot of paperwork. It seems there can’t be much done to make training more enjoyable.

Although health and safety can sometimes been seen as common sense, it crucial to workplaces and has to be done. However, it has continued to lack stimulation and excitement to learn.

30.7 million working days in the UK are lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury

Is this because health and safety isn’t engaging enough? Or is it because most of us take no notice, as it comes across as common sense. Either way something has to be done to prevent this, as it is an essential part of many workplaces.

Until Near-Life™ came along.

Modern day health and safety training

With technology as advanced as it is today, health and safety training can be taken to the next level. There are many resources and devices out there to ensure high engagement and retention for safe practices and procedures.

At Near-Life™ we decided to make a change using our technology. We joined forces with Asda, to introduce a new way of health and safety training; engaging and interacting with Asda employees like never before.

Taking a learner focused approach, we worked with Asda to establish what we wanted colleagues to take away from their training. How will this training become useful on the job and how will they achieve the most out of it? By working together we were able to recognise the key learning points and areas of change.

It was also important for both sides to figure out how all of these scenarios would happen in real life; in store. Additionally, what consequences would employees face for incorrect choices? Essentially, we had to think about how to develop the learning in the most true to life way, to give learners realistic scenarios.

Realistic & engaging learning

With all of these factors included, it made it possible for us at Near-Life™ and Asda to develop a learning experience that not only addressed key issues, but Asda’s commitment to health and safety.

With our promise of delivering engaging learning, we had to give their original health and safety training a makeover.

To ensure the learning utilised all of Asda’s key terminologies and language, we developed a script to bring the key points of learning to life. To enhance the true to life scenarios, we made sure to use a combination of Asda colleagues as well as professional actors, whilst filming in a real store.

For learners, this is key. It ensures scenarios, language and terminologies are recognisable, not causing any confusion.

To target a whole new level of health and safety, we put our Near-Life™ technology to use. Our gaming approach allows learners to practice behaviours in a safe environment, allowing mistakes to be made. Learners are under time pressure, and their outcomes are based upon their choices; just as they would be in the workplace.

Roll out

Our initial roll out of the training was to Asda Retail Academies. The feedback was rolled out to groups first, and the feedback we received was very positive.

Andrew Crowe, Senior Manager Functional Capability said,

“At Asda we are constantly seeking to improve the learning and development experience for our colleagues. The Near-Life™ approach has helped us to make our Health and Safety training more relevant and engaging.”

Our Director Mike Todd added,

“At Near-Life™ we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Asda on this innovative project. Working closely with the Asda team we made the training as realistic and relevant as possible. We believe it really demonstrates the value of using interactive video in elearning.”

A successful transformation

This project allowed us to truly recognise the success of interactive video, and how it can transform training. Immersing the learners, and interacting with them in a safe space has proven to engage with learners and improve knowledge retention.

It certainly brings a whole new potential to learning and development.

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