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How to make your Moodle content interactive with Near-Life

Integrate interactive video and VR with your Moodle platform

Near-Life is proud to be a Moodle Certified Integration Partner. By designing and building your content using Near-Life, you can add immersive learning to Moodle quickly and easily. 

Near-Life makes it simple for anyone to build interactive video and VR scenarios. Using branching scenarios and gamification, you can create more memorable content that improves engagement, boosts learning outcomes.

Examples of the type of content you add to Moodle using Near-Life

Interactive branching scenarios

Interactive onboarding videos

Interactive VR learning

Interactive gamified content

Interactive VR tours and experiences

Interactive games and quizzes

Interactive product demos

And much, much more!

Why Moodle and Near-Life work brilliantly together

Moodle is the world’s most popular LMS that empowers educators to improve our world

Near-Life helps support this mission by allowing you to create engaging, interactive content that is more memorable

The two platforms work seamlessly together - that’s why we’re a certified integration partner

Near-Life doesn’t require technical know-how, so more people can contribute to your learning content

Both offer affordable adoption for all levels

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A VR approach to first aid training for schools

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Near-Life supports humanitarian response efforts in Ukraine

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