Better engage your audience by using interaction data

The cycle of data analytics and audience behaviour through interactive video

Team member Pru explains some powerful functionality that comes with Near-Life beyond just making amazing interactive content. The interaction data it offers about how people engage with your interactive videos can lead to helping you tailor future messaging, improving your content and better understand your audience…

Use data reports to see audience choices in the interactive video

Near-Life’s data reports from interactive videos mean you can see which options people choose and which routes are most attractive. This gives the end user an insight into their own outcomes as well as giving the creator an idea of learning gaps and strengths.

Interactive video is not just giving your audience a great immersive experience, but gives you – the content creator – the kind of rich data and feedback you might otherwise need to find out via a separate questionnaire.

Knowing your audience’s behaviour helps you tailor their next learning steps through Near-Life’s CREATOR tools. This gives your learner a sense of personalisation while giving you specific results that may improve your product/courses.

This is a real power tool and one content creators sometimes overlook. 

How to access data reports on Near-Life

You can access your interaction data from the Canvas. Click on the button with a graph on it and you’ll open the analytics dashboard. 

Alternatively, you can download a pdf with the data on it. 

How can interaction data help you better understand your audience?

This data about the choices made can be used to gain a better understanding of your audience’s interests and preferences. These can help you address their needs more effectively in future.

You can also see the level of engagement in terms of how many people have viewed and interacted with the content.

Have a look below at our Social Media Quiz analytics and see how Near-Life can give you an idea of what your audience’s interests are.

Data showing audience behaviour through interactive video

This means, for example, if you have created a course, you will know how many people have completed it. 

At a deeper level, you will also gain insight into the areas where people might be struggling. They might not be finishing the course, giving you the chance to improve it or clarify any confusing parts. 

Data can also help you understand your audience’s interests. For example, the Social Media Quiz data helped us determine that the majority of our audience is using social media for work purposes.

If you’re asking your audience questions, you’ll be able to see which areas they most struggle with so you can tailor future learning accordingly. 

And if you create multiple interactive videos using different approaches, you will also quickly be able to see which style or styles are of most interest to your audience. This means you can tailor what you do in the future to maximise your impact and their engagement.

In summary – interaction data reports on Near-Life interactive videos

The data reports that Near-Life makes available to content creators are an incredibly powerful feature. 

The data gives you real, detailed information about how your audience interacted with the content you created. They show the choices made, the styles they prefer and the sections they might have issues with. 

This will help you make better content in future: you’ll have invaluable insights about your audience and how they might interact in the future.

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