How to make your VYOND content interactive with Near-Life

Make your VYOND videos interactive with Near-Life

Vyond is one of our favourite content creation tools, enabling you to create professional, branded animated videos quickly and easily.

Near-Life then enables you to take those animated videos to the next level by making them interactive. This means you can create immersive content to improve engagement, boost learning outcomes and create memorable experiences.

Examples of interactive content you can make with Vyond and Near-Life include:

Near-Life VYOND onboarding

Interactive product tours

Interactive training videos

Interactive immersive learning modules

Interactive scenario-based elearning

Interactive onboarding videos

Interactive games and quizzes

Interactive surveys

And much, much more!

Why Vyond and Near-Life work brilliantly together

Vyond lets you easily make animated content

Near-Life lets you make that content interactive

The two platforms work seamlessly together

No experience is needed with either platform

Both have affordable plans for all levels

Near-Life offers a 15% discount for Vyond users

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Examples of animated interactive content made with Vyond and Near-Life

Near-Life VYOND onboarding

How I made an interactive onboarding video using VYOND’s template

Team member, Ellie, explains how she made an interactive Vyond video using their onboarding template with Near-Life, which can be embedded on a website or…

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Graphic image: Vyond logo Title Community Office Hours - Text: Join Mike Todd and learn how to create interactive branching scenarios, quizzes and more with Vyond.

Vyond Community Office Hours – how to create branching scenarios, quizzes and other interactive content

Hear from Near-Life CEO, Mike Todd, and design specialist, Ellie Whitehead, as they join the Vyond team to look at how to create interactive content…

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Cartoon: Young children meet astronauts.

Vyond and Near-Life used to support pre-school education in Ukraine

Ukrainian education provider, Interokids, combines Vyond’s easy to use animation tool, with Near-Life’s interactive video authoring tool to create engaging learning for preschoolers. Interokids’ philosophy…

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A Gamified Chemistry Lesson made with Near-Life and Vyond

We’re really pleased to share an interactive chemistry lesson for schools that has been made using Near-Life and Vyond. We hope it will inspire other…

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Gamification: How to use Vyond and Near Life to create an interactive game

Ellie, a Near-Life team member, describes how she used Near-Life to create a fun, interactive game using VYOND’s gamification template, which can be directly shared…

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How I made my Pancake Day interactive video using Vyond and Near-Life

Team member Ellie explains how she used Vyond and Near-Life to make a fun, interactive game for Pancake Day that can be embedded on a…

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How I made Near-Life’s Valentine’s Day interactive video 2023

Team member, Ellie, explains how she used Near-Life to make a fun, interactive guide to picking the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner, which…

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Santa needs your help!

Interactive holiday game for 2022

Put together as a bit of festive fun…here’s a new, seasonal interactive game built using Near-Life CREATOR and Vyond. Find the missing candy canes, help…

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Near-Life named one of Vyond's BEST elearning platforms for 2022

Vyond name Near-Life as one of their Top Ten learning platforms

Lead animation software Vyond have named Near-Life as one of their top ten global learning platforms for 2022-23. The San Francisco based company said that…

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An overview of our VYOND webinar

How to make animated interactive videos – our webinar with Vyond

On the 30th of March, 2022, CEO Mike Todd held a webinar with VYOND – the animation software tool – to demonstrate how Near-Life can…

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Near Life Featured Image

Using Vyond and Near-Life to make an animated interactive video quickly and easily

In this blog team member Ellie describes how she was able to use Vyond and Near-Life to make an animated interactive video on behalf of…

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Vyond webinar banner

Gamifying training videos with Near-Life – a free webinar with Vyond

Vyond are hosting a free webinar with Near-Life showing how to bring your videos to life using our interactive authoring tool. The Gamifying Training Videos…

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Near-Life and VYOND let you level-up your video content quickly and easily

Interactive animated content is more impactful because it’s more engaging, memorable, and effective in conveying messages to your audience

Animated visuals have the ability to convey complex information or concepts more effectively than static images or text alone. And by incorporating interactivity, you can enhance the narrative and create a more immersive experience for users. It changes from reading about someone else’s experience, to experiencing it for yourself. This makes the content more impactful and therefore easier to remember.

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