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Convert your PowerPoint into interactive scenarios

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Are you looking for a way to spruce up your PowerPoint slides for online learning?

Well, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can easily convert your PowerPoint into online, accessible, interactive scenarios that boost engagement and keep learners hooked.

Whilst many of you make the move to digital learning it’s important that you maximise efficiency. So, if you already have learning content in the form of a presentation let’s make use of it!

Try the short interactive quiz that we created from a PowerPoint here.

By using Near-Life™ CREATOR, making interactive scenarios with existing PowerPoint slides is easy.


Success is a series of small wins

With your existing PowerPoint make sure it is split into small modules or create individual PowerPoints for each module. This can be easily done by duplicating your slide within PowerPoint itself. Creating small modules means content will become much easier to retain. Plus, it reduces the chances of your learners losing interest and becoming disengaged.

Convert your content

There are a couple of different options on how to download your content for Near-Life™ CREATOR. Firstly, Microsoft has a feature that allows you to record your slides with narration. With this, you can record your slides just as you would present them in person.

For our authoring tool, it would work best to record each slide separately. Or, you could record your whole presentation and then edit your clips so that each slide is in its own file. That way, you can add in interactions where you feel necessary and your whole scenario will flow correctly.

Once you have recorded your presentation you will need to download it as a video file. To do this you will need to ‘create a video’ within your PowerPoint settings. You can read more on how to do that here.

If you don’t have the record feature within your PowerPoint software, you can screen record through your own device. Usually, your device will have the software already installed that allows you to do this. If not, you can download software to help you with this. Again, we would advise recording each slide separately so that you have more flexibility when creating your scenario.

Having lots of small files may seem complicated but we promise it will make it easier!

Create your content

You can then go ahead and upload your media to Near-Life™ CREATOR and create your interactive scenario. It can be as easy or as complicated as you like. If you sign up for a free trial or take up a subscription you’ll have access to Near-Life™ Academy. There, we have shared plenty of resources to walk you through the process of uploading media, adding interactions, publishing your scenarios and so much more.

Efficient, engaging learning

Creating interactive scenarios doesn’t have to be hard. We want you to be able to make use of what you have and to be able to quickly transform your learning. Making these small changes to your PowerPoints to make them interactive will create a better, engaging learning environment. The key to success for online learning!

Click the play button to try our interactive PowerPoint quiz:



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