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The future for interactive video learning

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By next year, it’s predicted that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be online videos. So, it’s no surprise that interactive video learning is growing in popularity too.

Whether it’s the latest meme or a health and safety course, video is taking over. And, it’s even more engaging when it’s interactive video. Let’s look at what the future holds.

Things are going to get even more (artificially) intelligent

You’ve probably heard all about Virtual Reality learning by now. You might already be asking, “what’s next?”. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is asking that question, too. AI is the use of machines that mimic the way humans think and act. The chances are, it’s already in your pocket and your bedroom. We’re talking about clever little things like Siri, Alexa and even Netflix. So, how will this tech work in learning and education? Well, AI can use language processing, machine vision and more clever stuff to give learners responsive, accurate and personalised information, solutions and coaching. Fascinating!

Stop scrolling, start learning

As more and more companies start to adopt interactive videos, the demand for mobile-first learning is set to increase. Obviously, mobile technology is by no means the future, it’s been here for what feels like forever. But the shift from being sat in a classroom with a teacher, to computers, to laptops and now to phones is seismic. Particularly mind-blowing when you think about the level of engagement and education that can be accessed and monitored pretty much anywhere. Get ready for a wave of more mobile-first content.

It’s all about the experience

Let’s not get too bogged down with the format or the technology behind your videos. Why? Because you can get even more from interactive video learning with a pretty simple and traditional technique. After a real-world, virtual learning scenario, thinking and reflecting on what’s just happened can boost engagement and further. The name experiential learning makes it sound fancier than it actually is. But, the idea of gaining practical experience and conceptual insight is powerful when it comes to retaining knowledge. The perfect addition to your interactive education.

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