How interactive video can improve your onboarding experience

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A memorable and positive recruitment and onboarding experience is crucial to creating that all-important first impression.

It doesn’t get more engaging and exciting than an interactive video to kick off life at your new place of work. There are plenty of reasons why more and more companies are welcoming and wowing their new employees using immersive technologies…

It’s personal

With remote working becoming more common across the world, the need for new ways to replicate in-person and emotive experiences is on the rise too. If you’re not able to welcome your staff in the office or you have colleagues all over the globe, a virtual immersive scenario will make them feel right at home, wherever they are. Whether it’s a tour of your place of work, meet-and-greets or training, they’ll get a real feel for who you are.

Save precious pennies

Recruitment and onboarding is expensive and with good reason. You put a lot of time, effort and money into making sure you’re getting the best talent for your team. So, any savings you can make can be hugely helpful. Immersive onboarding will help you cut down on travel and logistics costs without losing any of the networking and brand engagement benefits.

The financial benefits of immersive learning

Every day’s a school day

Any kind of immersive experience will help your new starter learn quickly and effectively. Massively important when you’re starting at a new place and you’re being fed lots of information from all angles. We’re all guilty of losing concentration and having a short attention span from time to time. But, interactive scenarios are proven to help you retain knowledge for longer than traditional and physical learning methods.

Get off on the right foot

Onboarding and recruitment is just the start of your employee’s journey with your company. Interactive videos and technologies can also be used to keep your staff developing and growing, wherever they are.

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