How to make your Synthesia content interactive

Make your Synthesia content interactive with Near-Life

Synthesia enables you to create professional videos without mics, cameras, actors or studios by generating life-like AI characters and voices.

Near-Life makes it easy for anyone to make their content interactive - creating more memorable content that improves engagement and boosts learning outcomes. Paired with Synthesia, it removes to need for actors, professional mics and cameras, making creating professional interactive content easier than ever.

Examples of the type of content you could make using Synthesia and Near-Life

Interactive training videos

Interactive onboarding videos

Interactive learning courses

Interactive gamified content

Interactive tours and experiences

Interactive games and quizzes

Interactive product demos

And much, much more!

Why Synthesia and Near-Life work brilliantly together

Synthesia makes generating realistic AI actors and voices easy for anyone

Near-Life can make this content interactive, increasing engagement, immersion and retention of information

The two platforms work seamlessly together - you don't need any other tools/platforms

Near-Life doesn’t require technical know-how, so more people can contribute to your learning content

Both offer affordable adoption for all levels

Synthesia and Near-Life interactive video
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Synthesia and Near-Life interactive video

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