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How to make an interactive video – adding default outcomes

How to make an interactive video - default outcomes

Creating an interactive video with Near-Life CREATOR is easy. In this tutorial, we’re going to take a closer look at default outcomes. A default outcome is something that happens automatically when an end-user fails to interact within a given time. Or it can be when you want to force a certain story route.

Depending on your objectives, a default node can redirect the end user to the correct path. You can use them when you want to reinforce a particular point. You can give the end-user more time to make a decision, or bring the scenario to an early end. For example, when failing to make a decision has a detrimental impact in a real-world situation. You can show the end-user those consequences. 

You can add a default outcome to every node. 


  1. In the Canvas, click to edit a node.
  2. In the Main Media section of the Node Editor, select the default node from the drop down list for On end, jump to:
    1. You’ll only see this option if you are working with video media. 
    2. If you are working with Slides or Images, you will first need to set a duration in order to add a default node. This is because a node with no duration will never end and therefore it cannot automatically jump to another node. To set a duration, tick to Enable duration first then use the sliders to set a duration for the slide or image.
  3. If this is your first node, you will only have the option of <None> or <New Node>. 
  4. Select <New Node> if you want to add a new node as default.  Once you save your changes,  it will appear in the Canvas, linked to the node you are editing. You’ll be able edit the default node, add media and overlays just like a normal node. 
  5. As you develop your Scenario and add more nodes, the drop-down list will display all the nodes you have created and you will be able to set the default to an existing node.

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