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How I made my Pancake Day interactive video using Vyond and Near-Life

Team member Ellie explains how she used Vyond and Near-Life to make a fun, interactive game for Pancake Day that can be embedded on a website or shared directly. 

First up, I went on to VYOND and made a video plan so I knew what I would be able to accomplish. 

I wanted to keep it simple – the end-user would find the correct ingredients, add them to a bowl and then click the pancake when it was fully cooked. I found some upbeat music and started to download each scene individually.

Then I went on to Near-Life to start putting the interactive video together. 

  • I used hotspots to highlight ingredients on the scene and added pop-ups to tell the user whether the items they chose are correct or not. 
  • I added an inventory item ‘ingredient’ each time they selected the right ingredient and added a next button. 
  • I added a condition to this button so it would only appear when the inventory number for ‘ingredient’ equalled 3. 
  • I did almost the exact same thing in the next scene when adding ingredients to the bowl.
  • I used hotspot ovals for the flipping part of the video and used conditionals again – this time based on a visibility timeline. 
  • I had one hotspot only appear while the pancake wasn’t done cooking which would lead to an undercooked message with the option to retry, and another hotspot which would only appear when the pancake was cooked to perfection leading on to the ending. 
  • I also had a burnt hotspot which would appear in the last two seconds of the video. This would lead to the same overcooked message and option to retry as if the end-user didn’t click anything.

Then all that was left was adding the end scene. I played through the video a couple times and got feedback from the team.

Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions on making videos with Vyond and Near-Life, email us at

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