Embed scenarios with Articulate Storyline 360

Embed scenarios with Articulate Storyline 360

Create engaging courses with Near-Life™ and Articulate Storyline 360

Near-Life™ is the first interactive video and VR authoring tool for everyone. Now you can embed your scenarios within Storyline 360 for even better learning courses.

The best of both worlds

Benefit from the best of both tools with Articulates library of resources and gamified branching scenarios from Near-Life™. Plus you’ll have courses that can be completed anywhere, on any device as well as being completely tracked with Near-Life™ for invaluable insights.

Utilising different tools makes it easier to design, create and share your courses. With not one, but two tools you’ll have the opportunity to create courses that create a lasting impact. Moreover, the data you collect will support the creation of further courses and provide a deeper understanding of your learners.

Are you ready to integrate your tools? Head over to Near-Life™ Academy for our step-by-step guide that makes embedding your scenarios as easy as possible.

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