About Near-Life

About Near-Life

About Near-Life

We developed the Near-Life platform so that anyone who wants to share knowledge can do so more effectively by creating their own interactive videos and VR.

Whether you want to convey an idea; provide instructions or guidance; introduce a new product, organisation or brand, or train your team in a new skill, engagement and memorability will be key metrics.

That’s why we designed our platform with engagement and knowledge retention as a core focus. We make it easy for you to create immersive experiences by making your videos interactive. Our tool lets you take engagement to the next level and transforms the memorability of your content.

Over the shoulder view of person working on laptop. Screen shows Near-LIfe CREATOR tool.
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Our story

Near-Life began after Mike, our Founder, returned to the UK after completing a course known as ‘Hostile Environment Awareness Training' (HEAT) to become part of the Government’s Stabilisation Unit on returning from Kosovo for a United Nations Mission.

His main focus at that point was media production, and he wondered… could you combine something realistic with a game-like simulation, to provide a similar experience to the HEAT Course?

That, in essence, was the inception of Near-Life...

Who do we work with?


"You're doing what others are trying to do but in such a simple and easy way."


"We love your software... it's becoming an integral part of our business."

Beth Goodwin, Program Manager, CMEology

"400,000 people every year learn to save a life through our training programmes, so it is exciting to have created this scenario-based learning with the potential to reach many more people in an effective online format."

Karen Wain, Training Products Manager at St John Ambulance

"Utilising digital media that mimics real life, aids delivery of training that is meaningful vs an artificial classroom setting.”

Lindsay Hallworth, Innovation Manager, NHS

"Your team are a pleasure to work with."


"Their intuitive online interface makes the creation & use of video branching a breeze."

Nik Brown, Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue

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