Using Near-Life & Vyond to create interactive learning for preschool
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Vyond and Near-Life used to support pre-school education in Ukraine

Cartoon: Young children meet astronauts.

Ukrainian education provider, Interokids, combines Vyond’s easy to use animation tool, with Near-Life’s interactive video authoring tool to create engaging learning for preschoolers.

Interokids’ philosophy is that education is the key to the successful future of Ukraine. Their aim is to help young children gain knowledge in a fun way.

The organisation focuses on creating science-based learning that is accessible and entertaining. They are constantly expanding their educational content to provide children with better tools for development.

Cartoon: Astronaut floats above solar system

Founder Ivan Kuzyk explains their approach and why they chose to combine Near-Life with Vyond:

“Vyond is a great way to create animated video content that captures the imagination of young children. By combining Vyond videos with Near-Life we can add elements of gamification and interaction that make the learning even more engaging – and memorable.”

Near-Life CEO Mike Todd added:

“We’re thrilled to see the innovative way Interokids are using our interactive video software and combining it with Vyond. The two tools are very complimentary and the learning that Interokids have developed is a great example.”

Check out the work of Interokids and one of their interactive scenarios HERE.

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