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Managing poor performance - and other difficult workplace situations - is never easy. One of the most effective ways to learn is through role play – using immersive scenarios Academy925's Managing Challenging Situations in the Workplace course offers interactive online corporate management training that is scaleable and cost-effective.

With Near-Life™ CREATOR you can easily create your own scalable, immersive scenarios. Our authoring tool is easy to use, cloud-based and compatible with your LMS. If you need extra help, we can provide full-service support to get your project off the ground.

When you face complex situations like managing poor performance, sickness absence or handling issues around exclusion and diversity, the most effective way to learn is by experiencing these situations in a realistic way. Academy925 provides this immersive experience using a game-like approach to online training. The decisions learners take influence how the learning scenarios unfold.

Management and HR training online has often been criticised for not being engaging but Academy925 changes that. Research has shown that using interactive video and gamification not only aids retention, it also improves the online learning experience.

Managing Challenging Situations in the Workplace

The course focuses on four core areas of Management: Poor Performance, Allegations of Unfair Treatment, Sickness Absence and Exclusion. The course is ideal for new and experienced managers alike and learners with:

  • Expert Content: Newly developed written content is supported by mini-films that highlight the key learning points of the course modules.
  • Interactive Scenarios: At the end each course module, interactive scenarios will test your ability to learn and apply the approaches and measures covered in the course content. Theory will immediately be put to the test in real-life scenarios where you are challenged to make decisions using what you have learned through the course.
  • Feedback: Every decision that you make is recorded. When a scenario is completed, you will receive a report which allows you to review your performance. The detailed feedback explains why your choice was the best – or not – course of action.

Once a course is completed, every learner receives a completion certificate that is stored in their personal learning journey.

Developing professional skills

The aim of Academy925 is to provide high quality, interactive corporate learning for individuals who are looking to develop their own professional skills. The system is designed to teach and test learners using relevant, interactive scenarios based on real-life situations that are most commonly faced in the workplace.

As in real life, whether you respond or not, the scenario will move forward and events will unfold based on your action, or lack of it.

Good game-based learning applications are motivational because we can quickly see and understand the connection between the learning experience and our real-life work.
Dr Susan Ambrose, Carnegie Mellon's Eberly Center for Training Excellence

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