Interactive video training to support emergency responders

The team at Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service wanted to create training content that was more engaging and immersive for learners. They have been using Near-Life's interactive video and VR authoring tool to create training for their team.

“Near-Life’s authoring tool makes it quick and easy to create interactive and immersive content.”

– Stuart Smith, training resources officer

Radio messages interactive training

The training team at Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service created a pilot project around radio call signs and using the right communication for the right incidents.

Take a look at the interactive training module they developed here:


They have a number of plans to develop more interactive training projects including a major project around water safety.

Create engaging learning in an efficient and scalable way.

"Near-Life's authoring tool makes it quick and easy to create interactive and immersive content. We're big believers in the organisation that learning should be engaging. We want to put people in positions where they learn through the choices they make. The content we've been producing with Near-Life helps us do that in an efficient and scaleable way. It also allows us to track the decisions made and give individual users personalised feedback."
Stuart Smith, training resources officer

Create your own interactive training projects

We believe once your team has had a look at what you can do with interactive video using the Near-Life platform, you won’t look back.

  • Get started in less than 10 minutes
  • Offer a new value-added service
  • Create more engaging, memorable and trackable client content
  • Use your own creative work
  • Retain complete control
  • Get full support from the Near-Life team

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