A VR approach to first aid training for schools

St John Ambulance has expanded its delivery of first aid skills for schools using virtual reality to provide a safe space to practice life-saving skills.

Take a look at how St John Ambulance used Near-Life™ CREATOR VR to create immersive first aid training for young people in schools.

“User-friendly and engaging learning without the compromise on content.”

Life-saving skills for schools

St John Ambulance is expanding its delivery of first aid training to take on a more digital approach to learning. This project in particular will help young people aged 11 – 17 years to understand the skills needed to deal with a head injury.

The virtual reality scenarios place young people in a realistic scenario with the opportunity to make real-life decisions in real-time. Together, we created scenarios that will quickly and effectively teach young people how and why to make certain decisions in times of an emergency.

This project takes first aid training in a whole new direction using our VR tool to create a safe, immersive learning experience for young people.

Young people using VR goggles in a classroom
The VR scenario provides a digital learning option that provides flexibility in our approach to training high numbers of young people with life-saving skills.
Justine Wilson, Schools Digital Development Officer

Working alongside St John Ambulance, we created the content aligned with the recommendations from the Department for Education regarding first aid within the key stage 2 PSHE curriculum. This new model of virtual reality first aid training will become a part of St John Ambulance first aid training products for young people and will help to build further immersive learning scenarios in the future.

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