Vyond user offer

Special offer for Vyond users

Sign up for an annual CREATOR subscription by Friday 9th September and receive an automatic upgrade to CREATOR + (over 40% discount)

Beyond letting you create trackable interactive videos and branching scenarios that increase audience engagement and retention, CREATOR+ gives you access to advanced gamification features, which means you can: 

  • Set achievements and conditions that can be tracked across the course of a scenario or game
  • Use achievements and conditions to unlock bonus material - and better understand your audience
  • Enable the notebook and allow your users to capture notes during their interactive video journey
  • Add the inventory feature and let users track items or options they have selected

How to take advantage of our special offer for Vyond users

  1. Sign up to a free trial of Near-Life by 9th September 2022 [entering ‘Vyond’ into the ‘area of interest’ section] 
  2. Purchase an annual subscription before the end of your trial (simply go to your Account page and select ‘Upgrade to full subscription’) 
  3. Enjoy a free upgrade to CREATOR+ for a year - a discount of over 40% 

(Subject to terms and conditions)

How Vyond users can claim their special offer

Near-Life helps learning professionals

  • Transform static materials to engaging, interactive content
  • Measure and track to continuously improve your content
  • Improve knowledge retention to maximise the impact of your content 
  • Standardise training content across teams, time zones, countries and continents
  • Save time with our easy-to-use technology 

What do you get?

- Easy to use platform

- 14-day free trial

- Fast onboarding

- All content types

- Branching scenarios

- Fully trackable

- Cloud-based

- Embed on your site

- Share on social media

- Collaborative working

- Academy and tutorials

- Creator community

- Affordable, flexible pricing

- No minimum commitment

- SCORM & xAPI compliant

- Works with 180/360° video

- Full, integrated LMS

- Full customer support

You'll be in good company...


Near-Life FAQs

No, our software is all cloud-based and accessed via your browser. You can use Near-Life anywhere, any time, and don’t need to download or update any of the software – you will always have the most up-to-date version.

Yes - you will receive access to the Near-Life Academy as soon as you begin a free trial. It has a variety of resources to help guide you through creating your own interactive content. 

No, you don't have to produce your own content to use the authoring tool.

You can use the slide feature in CREATOR, which allows you to build your own custom slides in your chosen colours without leaving the platform, so you can create an interactive presentation quickly and easily. 

Alternatively, you'll have access to our animated demo videos within CREATOR, so you can get to grips with the platform and create your own interactive video without having to produce your own content. 

However, beyond this, you will need your own content to use Near-Life. Our existing customers use a range of tools - like PowerPoint, Canva and Vyond - and their own video footage to quickly and easily create engaging media for their interactive videos.

Depending on the scale and complexity of the project, you may wish to commission production or design experts to help. Near-Life™ also teams up with partners around the world to support content production, so get in touch with our team if you'd like some help in making this happen.

No, we don’t have a limit on the amount of projects you can create

With Near-Life™ CREATOR, it’s easy to share your content. You can do this directly with a link we give you, and via a SCORM or xAPI embed code. Alternatively, you can embed your interactive content on your website and share from there - like you would with any other video content.

You don't need a subscription for the free trial, but if you do go on to upgrade your account, Near-Life™ CREATOR subscriptions are available on an annual or monthly basis with payment made in advance.

If you stop your subscription during the period you’ve paid for, your access to the authoring tool will simply end when that period finishes.

That's ok - just contact us via info@near-life.tech and we'll sort out the upgrade 🙂

If you have any questions or want a demo of our platform to decide whether it’s right for you before proceeding with a trial, click here to book a session with one of our experts