Enterprise level solution for large organisations

Near-Life for Enterprise

Near-Life offers an Enterprise level solution for large organisations seeking to adopt a more interactive and immersive approach to their content creation. 

Diverse team of young, creative professionals in a modern meeting room. Enterprise subscriptions allow for teams of five or 10 to create immersive content.

Our easy-to-use interactive content authoring tool is popular with in-house Learning and Development teams who want to create more engagement and improve knowledge retention. 

The interactive content approach is also popular for wider knowledge sharing and communication activities. 

Scalable and affordable

Near-Life has two Enterprise tiers that allow for teams of up to five or 10 users. This is a more cost-effective way for larger organisations to adopt an interactive content approach at scale. 

In addition to the increased number of authoring seats, there is also enhanced onboarding for team members, with additional, prioritised support and advice offered on an ongoing basis as part of the enterprise subscription. 

Teams larger than 10 can also be accommodated on a bespoke basis. 

If you’d like to learn more about becoming an enterprise user, please book a demo with a member of our team and highlight your interest in our enterprise offer.

Consultancy and content production

Beyond the ongoing support and advice offered to our enterprise users, Near-Life can also provide bespoke project consultancy around content design, helping with pilot initiatives that can act as a knowledge sharing exercise, or delivering support on an ongoing, as-needed basis. 

We can offer strategy support around adopting immersive learning and content – best practice, use cases, ideation sessions, as well as hands on learning design support around interactive content creation. 

This can also include full project delivery – from concept to design, through to scripting, video production and project build. Whether the projects are standard 2D interactive video projects – or fully immersive interactive 360 video and VR projects. 

We can also support content creation projects with popular, complimentary ‘add on’ tools including Canva, Vyond and Synthesia


Expert interactive content creators - Three young creatives smiling at camera and working on a laptop.

Helping you become expert interactive content creators

Our aim is to empower our users to become expert interactive content creators – but we’re here to help in any way we can.

To discuss a project you might have, where you think Near-Life’s team can help – please feel free to get in touch via our contact form.